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Behold, this is the time when the night ends and the day begins; pills of resilience
Start date: Aug 15, 2016, End date: Oct 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Behold, this is the time when the night ends and the day begins; pills of resilience "will take place at the House Laboratory Cerquosino, Orvieto Italia.The theme of the project is social inclusion, the analysis of migratory routes and the fight against discrimination.The countries involved were: Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Germany, Greece, MontenegroThe project foresees 3 ACTIVITY:ACTIVITY 1: Mobility Of Youth Workers .Arrival day 21/11/2016,activities date 22/28,departure day 29/11/2016:a training for 18 participants, social workers, leaders of educational centers, institutions for foster care.Countrie involved: Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Montenegro. The training involves the participation of 1 trainer of the applicant association Artemide,1 trainer of Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency-Macedonia,1 facilitator of local partner Arci Perugia,1 support staff of Equa Association–Spain e 1 support staff of Artemide ass. The aim is to provide young professionals, who have to welcome and work with those who have left their countries for the reasonable fear of persecution, new tools to deal effectively with the aid relationship. Methodology: combination of non-formal education, theater, workshops on the recognition of personal resources, storytelling. Fundamental themes of Resilience process; the re-signification, re-telling, the acquisition of internal resources, acquiring skills that help to increase self-esteem, curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, mitigation and evolution. Particular attention will be dedicated to the themes of racism, to the creation of prejudices and stereotypes processes,through direct testimonies we will deepen the theme of miscegenation, of being in-between the different social and cultural contexts and the possibilities of resilience and social inclusion. Expected outcomes; a better understanding of the dynamics behind discriminating behavior, how to identify the causes of the escalation of violence, develop active listening and an open attitude to cultural diversity, share the different working methods adopted in each country to facilitate the balance between generation migrant and non-migrant, to value themselves, to face the reality, know your limits (to overcome),experience the sense of responsibility, deal with others, act in a positive way, to understand the error fertility, learning from experience, do not be afraid to change, do not be afraid to experiment.ACTIVITY A2: Youth Exchange. PARTNER: Applicant association: Italia- Associazione Artemide Aps.Partner association from:Italy,Hungary,Spain,Serbia,Macedonia.Arrival day 23/03/2017,activity dates 24/30,departure day 31/03/2017.Location:House Laboratory Cerquosino – Morrano,Orvieto.The Exchange is addressed to 20 youngsters and 5 group leaders. ACTIVITY A:3 Youth Exchange.PARTNER: Applicant Association Italia- Associazione Artemide Aps Partner association from:Italy,Turkey,Germany,Montenegro,Greece.Arrival day 18/05/2017,activity dates 19/25,departure date 26/05/2017.Location:House Laboratory Cerquosino – Morrano,Orvieto. The Exchange is addressed to 20 youngsters and 5 group leaders. ACTIVITY A2/ACTIVITY A3 For each country the presence of a leader participant to Activity A1 which will form groups. The groups will be composed by native youth of the countries involved and immigrant youth - if possible in relation to the status and possessed documents - will participate young refugees arrived with flows of recent years. The exchange is expected that participants share their emotions,restore a sense of belonging and active coexistence,redraw their existential and cultural continuity,will exchange experiences, put them into play on the complexity of the relationships, the rules, of their own ideas and those of others . The objective is to enable inclusion paths starting from each own specificity and needs, such as single and as a group.
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