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Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked
Start date: Nov 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea about Bee COINs has been shaped together with our partners throughout our co-operation on the approved project Bees Inspired: A Hive For Female Entrepreneurs. There we saw a major need to improve the financial literacy of contemporary youngsters, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and lack support generally.The project Bee COINs exists in order to make a positive contribution to a major problem youngsters nowadays are facing - lack of knowledge about how to manage their finances. As a result, some of them end up in debt, others experience various degrees of poverty and social exclusion. The project looks to address these drawbacks by enabling the exchange of good practices about financial literacy between youngsters. The project will also create learning opportunities for them to meet, exchange knowledge and generate new ideas about how to manage their money, plan and take initiative to achieve their dreams. The project Bee COINs consists of a 2-day APV and 10-day YE which will focus on increasing the financial literacy of youth and their economic independence. The project will make vulnerable target groups self-sufficient and it will prepare them to enter the labour market by providing them with crucial skills on money management and using their income responsibly. This youth exchange should therefore be seen as a tool to combat youth poverty and unemployment. The project aims to strengthen the image of youth organisations as providers of job-relevant know-how and essential life skills to youth. Financial literacy is something which the family and school context fail to address adequately; nevertheless its lack has a huge impact on well-being and security. The project will gather 42 young people from 7 European countries between 25 April and 4 May 2017 in Ommen, The Netherlands and will employ methods of non-formal education to support the learning of participants. They will get the space to exchange ideas and experience about how to deal with their money and how to overcome issues and difficulties related to using bank products and contemporary technologies related to money. By doing that, they will come to innovative ideas and solutions for their peers. There are two end products of the YE: a website with digital content on financial education, which will reflect the collective knowledge of all youngsters attending the YE, and a digital manual with initial guidelines for organisations, youth workers and youth leaders about how to introduce financial education to their target groups. As a result, the project aims to increase the partner organisations’ capacities to offer financial education knowledge to their networks and local communities. The website content and the digital manual will be extensively used to disseminate among at least 100 youth organisations throughout Europe aiming to reach at least 5000 youngsters and inform them about the benefits of financial planning and personal goal setting. Another important dissemination activity will be physical workshops that will be held by 4 of the partner organisations aiming to involve 100 youngsters from their local communities. Among the most important goals of the Bee COINs project and personal motivation for the partner organisations to propose the project to Erasmus+ is to raise awareness about the importance of financial education and making it available to the European youth. We strongly believe everyone - not only the wealthy, should have access to knowledge about how to manage their money and resources. Bee COINs aims to address precisely this underserved need.
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