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Becoming Adult educators in the European Area
Start date: Oct 1, 2008,

Lifelong learning includes not only reforms of basic and further education systems, butalso structural intervention in the field of adult education and training. Against thisbackground, however, initial training of adult educators-to-be is still a neglected area ofresearch in Europe.The objectives of the projects are to:• Create better understanding of what governs the formation of initial competences andqualifications in the field of general adult education, vocationally-oriented adulteducation and liberal education• Identify future needs that are not properly addressed in current initial education andtraining of adult educators-to-be• Formulate policy recommendation to provide adult educators-to-be with better chancesto qualify themselves, thus to improve the quality of the future adult education supply• Create tools aimed at supporting final beneficiaries to improve their practices.The researchers in this project take the position that meeting the above-mentionedobjectives will create a knowledge base that allow for concrete action in the design,management and implementation of initial education and training of adult educators-tobein the field of general adult education, vocationally oriented adult education andliberal education.The expected outputs of the project are:• 4 national research reports (DK, EE, SE, IT) and a synthesis research report aimed atresearchers and policy makers in the filed of adult education• A Delphi study report aimed at policy makers and practitioners in adult education• A handbook for teachers and trainers of adult educators-to-be• 4 international workshops aimed at researchers and adult education practitioners• A project website addressing a broader audienceThe envisaged impact of the project is the creation of better opportunities for increasingthe quality of adult learning delivery, thus contributing to a more efficient adult learningsystem.

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