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Be the change stop climate change
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the biggest factors affecting climate change is human behaviour and habits. Our project aims to create a better understanding of climate change and show how human behaviour affects it. We aim to exchange and share knowledge and experiences with youth from different countries to help overcome these problems and help young people to become more environmentally conscious and to gain the knowledge to help reduce the human impact on the environment. This project will allow us as young people to set the example of how we should care for our environment and also to give our youth the tools to make a difference and teach others how to be active citizens who care for their environment. The objective of the project is to create awareness of climate change and to discuss and share good practices on environmental conservation through active behaviour. Gaining the knowledge to make changes in our habits so that we can have a lesser effect on climate change. We will look at EU laws and how these are implemented in our communities and we will see how we can become more active in our communities and in the EU to help our planet survive. By learning how we can make the correct choices and to stop ad habits we can have a more positive impact on climate change and the environment.The project will use non-formal methodologies to ensure that the bet learning outcomes for the participants. The project is made up of a series of discussions, debates, workshops, role playing and a simulation activity which together allow for the participants from different countries to learn from each other and share knowledge and experiences. To identify common problems and to work together to create awareness in all partner countries and in Europe of the impact we have on the planet with regard to climate change and also to create more awareness of environmental conservation. As a result we hope to give our youth the tools and knowledge to conserve our environment and to share this knowledge with others and to share this with peers and policy makers alike so that as communities we can make the changes needed in the EU.They will also be able to identify problems with their peers and help them by giving them guidance and support when it is needed. We hope that the information gained during this project is shared within all the communities and especially with the youth of these communities. In addition to learning about the problems the youth will also exchange cultures and traditions and learn about the different cultures from the different countries allowing for better understanding of each other and therefore creating a more unified EU, fighting xenophobia and also discrimination.

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