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Be the Agent of Change
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

”Be the Agent of Change!” - Training course on rural development through social entrepreneurship based on qualitative and quantitative researches at 18-25 June 2015, Satu Mare, Romania. Our training course would like to be a tool where rural youth workers represented by governmental and non – governmental organizations can learn and practice how to make such types of local researches which can help rural youth to recognize the needs and potentials of local communities socially, culturally and environmentally based and then support them to give answers to these needs and use or reuse these potentials as social entrepreneurs through civil organizations. In the rural areas unemployment rates are even higher than other parts of the different countries. Rural youth work has several essential tasks to fulfill as support rural youth to continue their studies then motivate them to come home and find their places in the local community. To encourage young people to become active citizens of their communities, to take responsibilities for their towns, villages, islands, etc. and make everyone’s’ life better there. To create workplaces and motivate young people even do it by themselves. Nevertheless, first we need to show them that there is a need for their knowledge, skills and competences in the local community and there is a lot potential in their villages what they can use or reuse it. Social entrepreneurship is a new term in the youth field. Establishing a civil and/or for profit organization based on giving an answer for the social, cultural and environmental needs of the local communities and employ people in needs. But first we have to know what are the needs and potentials of the local communities. Our training course will provide tools for that for rural youth workers. The overall aim of the project is to train youth workers, youth leaders from rural and remote areas being able to prepare, run and evaluate qualitative and quantitative researches with, for and by young people in order to set up social entrepreneurship based on social, cultural and environmental needs and potentials of local communities. To foster their understanding regarding to social entrepreneurship, to explore and practice tools and techniques how social entrepreneurship can be set up and run in different countries and how it can become an international community. To invent local and international youth projects according to the proposals of Youth section of Erasmus + programme in order to empower young people to become social entrepreneurs. 43 participants are experienced youth workers, youth leaders from rural areas directly working with youth and willing to initiate social entrepreneurship for the sake of rural youth and local communities. The training course will be based on non – formal and experiential learning methodology. It will provide space and possibilities for youth workers and youth leaders to share and explore their experiences and knowledge on social entrepreneurship, practice different tools and techniques of Research and Development, to gain results of their researches and present it into the representatives and members of the local community and make a publication about it for the sake of all inhabitants and Europe. Our training course will have theoretical and practical parts. Our experienced international trainers’ team will prepare, run and evaluate creative and innovative methods in order to achieve the objectives of different sessions and support the learning process and competence development of our participants. Methods which might be used are individual work, work in national and mixed teams, small group work, prepare, run and evaluate different type of qualitative and quantitative researches, editing a publication, organizing a local event, montages, drawings, paintings, etc. Results: Online publication on social, cultural, environmental needs and potentials of local community: Proposal how youth work can support to fulfil the “smart, sustainable, inclusive growth” of Europe 2020. List of suggestions how youth work activities can fulfill the certain objective of the Employment and Entrepreneurship field of action. National strategies on how youth work activities can support young people to become social entrepreneurs. Questionnaires, interviews, key questions for focus groups on social, cultural, environmental needs and potentials of local community. Typed and filmed materials of the results and outcomes of local researches on social, cultural and environmental needs and potentials of local community. List of tips and hints on the actions can be done in local realities for the sake of social entrepreneurship of rural youth. Proposals for tools how local social entrepreneurs can be promoted in European level.

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