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Be smart! - Dem Handy auf der Spur
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Be smart! - On track of the Mobile Phone" "The Mobile Phone" is an outstanding theme concerning questions about its sustainability (and therefore conforms with the "strategy of the European Union for sustainable development"). With it much can be learned about our language of communication with our natural bases of life, about interconnected links in production, about the expansion of a global culture of consumption and the unequal conditions of human existence in the world. The subject of the project "Be smart! - On track of the Mobile Phone" aims, in the sense of developing a sustainable development, to give pupils a deeper and more reflective understanding of the every-day companion – the mobile phone. For the documentation and presentation of the results of the project as well as the critical comparison of the every-day companion, the communication platform e-twinning will be used, which also make the results available for the general public. The contents of the planned project activities are directed to gain special knowlege, ability for independent research, understanding of problem backgrounds and solution strategies with an increase of knowlege and in addition, the presentation and discussion of complex interconnections (communication) as well as the weighing of action alternatives (evaluation). The focal point is to comprehend the linkage between the consumption of global resources and general consumption. The aim is to support the steps from knowlege to action and also to help pupils to learn strategies for independent actions and their own every-day decisions. The learning activities are oriented to the three modules of the theme of the project: "Origin of the mobile phone", " Use of the mobile phone" and "Recycling and reuse of the mobile phone". For this reason we plan three eight-day project meetings with a total of 60 participating pupils of year 9 and 10. For the preparation of detailed plans and the sourcing of project materials for the transnational learn activities there will be two transnational project meetings each during the first quarter of the two school years, for the participating teachers. In appreciation of the learning results from the learning activities we will use "The Europass Mobility", in agreement with the European quality reference standard.
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