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Be Part of My Childhood!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Be Part of My Childhood" aims to provide EVS experience for 2 French volunteers in Armenia for 8 months (A1) and 12 months (A2). The Sending organisation is Solidarités Jeunesses, who will assume the role of coordinating organsation as well. The volunteers will implement their Service in Yerevan Child Care and Support Centre ZATIK (A1) and Yerevan Medical-Psychological-Pedagogical Assessment Centre(A2), both of which with disadvantaged children. The Receiving Organisations have many-years experience with the short- and long-term volunteers that acted as an impulse to create the project. The activities will take place mostly in Yerevan and aim to fulfill the objectives of the project, including improvement of the participants' active participation in the society and entrepreneurship, enhancing their command of foreign languages and contributing to the notion of learning as a whole and raising awareness of different cultures and nations, on European values and common concepts. The methodology to work with the volunteers is crafted in a way to allow them a place for reflection and self-assessment and by that the better outcomes of the experience. Having professionals working with them throughout the project is considered to have a valuable input. As main methods are foreseen troubleshooting and reflection sessions that are to aid the volunteers to analyse their ideas and suggestions and to document their achievements that will later on be tailored in youthpass and reference letters to be available in the future. The impact of the project is foreseen to cover various levels: from local impact on the organisation and its children, through the personal and professional development of the volunteers, to the European and international effect of raising awareness and promoting of the important notions of, among others, values, principles of non-formal education and volunteering. The latter is important also as a foreseen multiplier effect and follow-up of this project: the presence of the volunteer will give the children first-hand information of the perks and importance of volunteering and will motivate them to join such an initiative as well.
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