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Start date: Jun 8, 2016, End date: Nov 7, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are planning a second project targeting young people that allow them to express their opinions about democracy and decision making processes in order to make their voice heard by policy makers at different levels.This will be an important opportunity for a dialogue between young people and decision makers located in Brussels/European Parliament). (Ausschuss der Regionen)We want to carry out this project because it will give young people the opportunity to discuss with others their needs and interests in their life/country. We also want to give the participants the understanding that countries, cultures and realities may be different due to different facts (religion, language, economy, social life and values) but that young people are united obviously through a common EUROPE.They will have the chance to "smell international air" and understand differences and similarities of history and culture in Europe as well and so a structured dialog can work with the European feeling.The seminar/meeting will take place in Brussels/European Parliament (Ausschuss der Regionen).We will discuss and work with the opportunities, the pros/cons and the needs/requests of youngsters in their daily life specially working life.YOUTH EMPOWERMENT is the red robe through this project and the youngsters should get the feeling to be part of it and to be able to change things. Young people and political responsibilities will be involved to increase the youth empowerment in Europe.We want that youngsters get involved, think critical and to support the awareness of the European integration.Also very important for us is to understand Europe, their own and other cultures and the idea of exploring and living together. One objective of the project is to give the participants an European experience, through which they will gain new knowledge, ideas and skills, using debates, visits and intercultural activities. Alongside cultural activities, this common experience will form the basis of a collaborative project to explore each other’s culture, to understand the opportunities of Europe, to engage young people to be active members of society and taking responsibilities for their own life. Outputs:-give participants a greater awareness of their role in the democratic life and the opportunites that they have to make their voices heard. In this way, we aim to revive their active citizenship and make them feel more European citizens.- bring together young people from different realties to understand the different needs and realties; bring together these different realities with policy makers: bring together policy makers from different countries involved to create greater opportunities for discussion and future projects;The objective of the project is to give the participants an European experience, through which they will gain new knowledge, ideas and skills, using debates, visits and intercultural activities. They will get a new perspective of the European Union so they will communitcate the EU very positive in their home country.Also very important topics will be the community and the different perspectives of the EU. We would explain the deeper focus to be part of Europe economics, peace, e.g.This project will be youth led, but opportunities will be provided for the young people to develop their skills alongside workshops based around European Citizenship, Inclusion and Youth Empowerment. They will improve their social skills in team working, self-confidence, intercultural thinking, communication skills and much more. Increased self-confidence: arising from the experience of team working with others organising an official summarize/document.Intercultural learning and co-operation: gained from working in mixed groups and discusse with people all over Europe.

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