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Be moved - Adventure and nature in Sweden
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth exchange, 1 week, 22 participants, august 2015 Three sending partners: Austria, Estonia France and a Swedish host Context/background of project; Hastekasen Farm Association receives volunteers on a continuous basis. We share the experience of small scale ecological farming and natural building. We live in a community and volunteers share this social experience. Our concept is that of "live-work-play" with nature as the center around which everything revolve. Objectives of your Organization/project; We seek solutions for the future challenges due to changes in ecology, energy, economy. Our goal is ruralisation and green entrepreneurship. Erasmus develops our association and expands our network. Our own long term goals are strengthened when we together with the volunteers explore methods of developing small scale food production and building small low impact natural houses. We want to show a method for "ruralisation". We want to show how civilizations depends on the ecological systems of our planet. How we can address our basic needs of shelter, warmth and food. In this specific project we wanted to create a close personal experience with nature. To make it more interesting for urban youth to spend time in nature we offered sports and adventure in the wild. In the activities we explored body and mind awareness. While having fun we exposed the participants to a cultural experience and a social challenge of teaming up and solving tasks in nature with other nationals and other age groups. Methods; Our approach is holistic - we mix: work-play-living. The participant will live secluded on the countryside facing a socially intimate experience. Activities will be physical - it will be felt in heart and muscle. We will be loud, we will be energetic. We will be silent, and contemplative. The leaders will take part in everything acting as role models. We will create an atmosphere where sharing will be possible. The activities aim to produce self awareness and empathy. Provoking questions such as: What is my possible roles in a group? What is my individual potential? How does my actions affect others? This approach worked - but we feel we needed some more days to reach our goal of "connecting" with the participants. We will create experiences that will lead to long lasting memories. The participants will be exposed to a different lifestyle. Friendships will be formed. Knowledge and inspiration will be shared. We will force every participant to "see themselves". Identity and attitudes will be questioned. We aim to "open minds and change lives". The participants will be moved, physically and emotionally. The length of the project was not enough to fully achieve this. Description of activities; All participants joined in cooking and washing up in a rotating team-schedule. Often over open fire. Some participants took initiative and introduced new cooking ideas. Food was mainly vegan and the participants hardly noticed this and remarked how tasty and surprisingly "edible" it was. We will dig up potatoes, cook them and eat them. We will feed the sheep with apples. We will take down a tree and bark it and make a basket of the bark. We will move manure and spread it. We will paddle over dark waters with torches during night. We will bath in mud and throw ourselves in dams. We will do orientation and hide and seek operations. We will use nature as parkour obstacles. We will fall from slack lines, bounce and do somersaults. We will go on a very scary zip line. We will swim and snorkel. We will sit by fire and do music together. We will play the werewolf game We will take in hay and ride a tractor wagon. And we did.
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