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Be Enterprising, Succeed Together
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of this project is to raise the aspirations of our pupils and their families; to encourage our pupils to stay in education for longer and to give our pupils key business skills that they will be able to use in the future. This is necessary because many of our pupils have low aspirations and they feel that they have very limited career prospects. They are not aware of all the opportunities that are open to them across Europe and they do not know how to translate their dreams about the future into reality. 3500 pupils from 7 schools in Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland and the UK will participate in this project. Many participants live in areas of high deprivation and high unemployment. There are many disadvantaged families at all schools and there are many pupils with disabilities at all schools. Two of the schools provide specialist regional support for deaf pupils. All pupils will benefit greatly from this project. They will also benefit from the opportunity of working collaboratively with students from across Europe. The project will last for two years. The first year has a focus on jobs. Pupils will reflect on their strengths and interests and how they could use them in future employment. Students in higher education will talk to our pupils about their studies. Our pupils will interview family members about their jobs and experiences of education. They will investigate jobs in their locality and learn about jobs across Europe. This will culminate in a European Jobs Fair led by pupils from all partner schools. The second year will have a focus on business skills and entrepreneurship. Pupils will learn key business skills such as economics, marketing and project management. These skills will make them more employable and also enable them to participate in two entrepreneurial challenges. The first of these challenges will be to create a business venture run by pupils at all partner schools. The second will invite pupils to submit business plans. Those accepted will have the opportunity to run a small business for 4 weeks. There will be a range of awards including business making the most profit and company offering most support to the community. The project will consist of a range of activities whereby pupils work collaboratively. By the end of the project our pupils will have raised aspirations and a clear understanding of how to be successful in achieving future employment. They will develop a 21st century skill set that will enable them to take responsibility for their own future. We hope to develop well educated, proactive and responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to making a better Europe.
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