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Be Empowered
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the "Be Empowered" project is to promote social inclusion and adaptation to independent living as well as to improve opportunities for professional orientation and employment of 31 disadvantaged young peoplefrom Bulgaria and Egypt after leaving institutional car. This objective will achieve by implementing educational mobility / Youth Exchange /. The methods we will use are non-formal learning, intercultural understanding, reflection. The target group of the project are young people aged 17-23 years who live in similar conditions in both countries - in the Olga Skobeleva” Social Serviecs Complex in Plovdiv and in the Orphanage “ Obour” in Cairo. During the seven-day youth exchange near by Plovdiv / Bulgaria /, they will be involved in a number of activities to develop their self-confidence, to increase desire and motivation for further education and / or work experience and to help them overcome the fear of upcoming life outside the institutions.The expected results of the project can be viewed in two directions:1. On participants:- Increased efficiency of learning;- Increased employability and enhanced career prospects;-Increased sense of initiative-Increased confidence in their own capabilities and self-esteem;-Improved language skills;-Better intercultural awareness;-Increased knowledge of the opportunities that the EU provides to young people, including and Erasmus + Program.-Increased motivation to participate in education and training /formal and informal learning activities/2.On partner organizations:-Increased capacity in terms of preparation and management of projects financed by Erasmus +Program-New partnerships established-Improving and expanding the key skills for the realization of youth exchanges by all participants at the operational level project team members, youth leaders, volunteers and others/.The impact of the project can seek a broader level: The desired impact on local, national and European level is guaranteed for several reasons: The theme of the project is universally valid and relevant for young people both in Europe and beyond . Increasing the core competencies of young people, reducing school dropouts and young people fighting youth unemployment are among the priorities of the EUROPE2020 Strategy. The main project activities are precisely in response to the above needs.In the local context, the project will change the whole community of young disadvantaged people in Bulgaria and Egypt. Despite the relatively small number of young people who will participate in the exchange, knowledge and experience they will gain will reflect favorably on their daily environment. By sharing their experiences, they will do other peers and friends involved with iinter cultural learning.At national level, the implementation of such projects, especially their public reflection acquires feature of the tool to attract public attention to disadvantaged young people and made mostly to change the stereotype that they are different and inferior.
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