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Be eco-active! Sustainable lifestyle through active citizenship
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Messzelátó Egyesület's project 'Be eco-active! - Sustainable lifestyle through active citizenship' two topics are relevant: spreading the idea, mission and some good practices on sustainable city lifestyle, volunteerism and encourage people to act as active ciztizens and form local active communities. The project’s aim is to help young people to live a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle as well as encourage them to be active in community life and to become able to organise various independent programs to the local community. This type of approach calls the attention of young people to find solutions to global problems in their own lives, in urban areas (sustainable development, recycling, local products, avoidance of chemicals) as well as the lack of active local communities and motivate them to fight towards negative approaches in society (isolation, inactivity). Through the inclusion of the volunteers we want to spread the sustainable practical elements of rural life (natural, seasonal, healthy, toxic free and energy efficient) that can be adapted in urban lifestyle among people living in the city and the techniques to create active local communities. The volunteers would participate in the organization of our workshop series, through which we promote environmentally responsible practices (eco-beauty, eco-cleaning, healthy local food) to those living in an urban environment. In addition we want to include them to elaborate and proceed our new membership program which motivates local people to be active and organise programs to their local community. For the project we want to host two volunteers who are interested in environment protection and improve local communities . The ideal applicant can work independently and has lots of ideas what she or he would like to realise. Our organisation’s activity is mainly realised in Budapest, capital of Hungary, but some programs will take place in other parts of Hungary at various places and events for and with different target groups and participants. All programs are realized by a warm, cheerful, young community in which EVS volunteers can accommodate themselves and initiate new direction in the frame of the yearly topic. Volunteers can cook, travel, work, learn, celebrate, have fun together with Hungarian and international youth. Activites can be personalized for the volunteers. There is the opportunity to work in our office and workshop place and in a near community garden. Volunteers can participate in our existing projects as well as in new ones designed by themselves. The target group for our programs vary, mostly they are students or middle-aged people with different background. Some examples: - Organising community programs for local people (e g language club, hiking, national evenings, handicraft activities). - Improve techniques of foundraising and create hand-made, environmental-friendly products for foundraising campaign. - Giving lectures and spreading information about climate change and other environmental problems, and present possible solutions (for example alternative energy sources) in schools or on any other workshops. - Representing Messzelátó in summer festivals and spreading the idea of volunteerism. - Working in community garden. - Practices on sustainable city living, like soapmaking, cheesmaking, upcycling garbage and creating useful stuff from that etc. This activity can include researching, communication, or presentation at the workshop as well. - Writing blog and articles on the relevant topics to our webpage and the volunteer's blog, social media platforms, newletters, taking pictures and making videos - The volunteers can decide in which activities they want to be involved more deeply and they can devote most of their time to those activities. In addition, besides these tasks the volunteers will have the possibilities to realize own projects and ideas according to the relevnat topics of the project. We support these programmes with our personal help and by providing tools and materials to a certain extent.
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