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Be an European citizen, become an eco-citizen
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Be an European citizen, become an eco-citizen" is a Youth Exchange founded on the themes Citizenship and Sustainable development. It serves as a springboard to better intercultural comprehension and cooperation where the common interest in sustainable living becomes a fundamental means to support the European rapprochement. The project carried out in a playful style, located at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, taking place at the end of October 2016, based on the activities of reflection, workshops, visits and methods of non-formal education, it raises the question: how to live while also respecting environmental and socio-economic sustainability. By placing such an issue at the center of attention it aims to promote an intercultural dialogue, to foster creativity and the innovative spirit in youngsters and to encourage them in the commitment to active European citizenship. The group of youngsters that we will host would be composed by 35 participants, aged of 18 to 25 years-old with the half with fewer opportunities. The youngsters are supposed to be open to the Europe and sensitive to its identity development. Their appeal for the art and interest in the environmental issues will be a springboard to stimulate the social interactions. For that reasons, they will participate in following activities; - Cultural visits and outdoors activities- Workshops inducing the life and nature as universal language between the cultures- Discussions within enrichment and personal development methods- Playful and participatory activities Through all actions included in the project and in cooperation with partners we intend to accomplish the following goals:• Teach participants the concepts of sustainable development through non-formal education• Allowing young people to discuss their views on this issue and to compare practices adopted by their country• Promote the learning of foreign languages, especially English and French• confront the young participants to cultural differences• promote youth engagement in active European citizenshipIn the global context marked by the skepticism towards the European Union, whose citizens are losing trust in its structures, programs and values that tend to be covered by shadow of the negative development, we still remain committed to defend them. By setting up our project we wish to promote active model of European lifestyle to youngsters; to the generation who represents a hope of our future. In the view of the above, we are convinced that nothing better could contribute in our troubled times than Youth Exchange favoring the mutual acquaintance, tolerance and interpersonal comprehension as well as intercultural. Through the workshops and all the activities we intend to enable the young citizens to discover yourself and to discover cultural diversity, to eliminate theirs prejudges and to find the compromises. Participants will see what is played within the Europe for themselves - what could be stakes - and what is done for them. Our aim is to develop three step effects: direct on participants by their involvement to this project, indirect on their experience account and well, sustainable in the setting up of partnerships who could fit into the time in order to foster strategic and deep exchanges between similar European associations.
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