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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context/background: The process of creating an active civil society among young people has been going for last few decades, however, the involvement of youth in the activities of non-governmental organizations and active participation in European events are still at an unsatisfactory level. It is very important to guide the next generation toward social maturity, in which their decisions and actions will lead to the strengthening of social balance. Lack of involvement of young people in society, is a growing problem in most European countries. Young people are not motivated enough to get involved and do not have sufficient knowledge about the benefits and opportunities offered by the active participation in social life. Engaging young people in social activities is an essential factor in the functioning of society as a whole, regardless of place of residence. Very often, it affects the creation of jobs in the market and improving the quality of life of residents. One of the strategies of European Union concerning the youth sector is to encourage young people to participate in the democratic process in society. This project aimed to help 38 people from 5 different European countries to improve mechanisms to engage in social activities, to encourage young people to support NGOs and promote active participation in the life of Europe. The project aimed to show that civic participation can take place in parallel with the development of their competencies, interests, talents. Promoting the activities at local, national, and international level helped them in shaping their own personality, skills, knowledge acquisition which will have a significant impact on the future of European society. Objectives: 1. Encouraging 38 young people 18-30 years old from 5 European countries to take social activity in both the local and the international dimension, take their own initiatives to support and develop. 2. Raising awareness among young people about the benefits and importance of supporting the activities of NGOs and voluntary action for the common good and for the benefit of others. 3. Expanding digital skills and learn-to-learn by participating in discussions, a number of interactive activities (making movies), debates. 4. The increase in social activity, tolerance, a sense of responsibility for the events associated with European Union, a sense of respect for European Union's policies directly on programs supporting active citizenship, in order to create consistency. 5. Involvement in the project 20 people from rural areas, in order to promote action to society and participation in decision-making mechanisms of European Union. 6. Raising awareness among youth about important European issues and problem, such as migration, unemployment, discrimination, by taking part in debates and activities dedicated for that. 7. Increasing the sense of understanding for other cultures and problems of discrimination through simulation games. Profile of participants: 1.The project involveed 38 people from Romania, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey at the age 18-30. 2. 20 participants coming from rural areas and participants with social, economic, financial problems and difficulties. 3. Participants faced the problem of social exclusion, problems with self-development, learning performance, few opportunities. Activities and Methodologies: Methods and non-formal learning activities geared towards the natural development of youth, the acquisition of competences, knowledge, skills, attitudes and have positive impact on participants, partner organizations, the local community and the impact on the national and international level to improve the active participation in European union’s life and to increase NGO’s support. Methods of integration - Name Games, Interactive presentations, Secret Friend, Team-building games Methods of discovery - activities discovering potential of Ranca, trip in the mountains, trip to Sibiu, activity "Village Rally" Methods of creative and enterprising - creative workshops, making movies, debates, theater play External impact: Collage, Visit to the local authorities Results and impact: - 38 young people from 5 different countries acquired competences in conjunction with an active citizenship, entrepreneurship and creativity - 100 young people from Ranca engaged in non-formal learning methods with participants during activities involving local communities - The project was promoted in local communities of each the partner countries, 2 schools in Romania, in rural areas and 4 local communities in the countries of partner organizations - Group leaders and participants took action and own initiatives in the field of supporting NGO’s and active citizenship promotion in their local communities - Partner organizations increased their experience regarding to active Europe promotion

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