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Be a healthy Youth, Fight Against Obesity
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Health is a serious matter for the development of humankind. International reports show that while there are many positive developments of health and well-being for many young people, many others are still dealing with real and severe problems related to issues such as obesity, overweight and others. According to the reports of World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO) 2014, one of the most meaningful issues regarding public health is represented by obesity. According to the statistics on obesity of WHO on EU countries it has been estimated that over the past 10 years the preponderance has tripled and the numbers of those affected are increasing in a concerning rate, particularly among young adults. By 2030 at the EU level concerning obesity will increase as professionals working for WHO and EHES predict - 36% of men and 21% of women will be obese. As a result of the presented statistics, the main objective of our project is to inform young people about obesity and its effects on their health, to inform them how to prevent obesity and its effects. Also, we encourage them to get involved in activities which promote a healthy lifestyle because we consider that youth involvement in such circumstances is elementary in the prevention of the obesity rate growth and in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle on the grounds of youth active involvement. The target group of our project consisted in 35 young adults (12 from Slovakia, 11 from Spain and 12 from Romania); 6 out of the total number of participants (35) belong to socioeconomically disadvantaged category and 2 presented grave health issue of obesity with ages between 18-30. The profile of the participants was: - aged 18-30 - to present an interest in the topic of the project - to be interested in changing their life style - to be interested in learning methods of obesity prevention - to be interested to promote the fight against obesity - to have a medium level of English The main objectives of the project are the following: - To inform 500 youth and the participants in the project about the causes of obesity and its effects in general and in particular in Romania, Spain, Slovakia; - To inform 500 youth and the participants in the project about methods of obesity prevention. - To inform 500 youth and the participants in the project about main strategies of weight loss; - To inform 500 youth and the participants in the project about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyles; - To help the participants in the project to develop a strategic plan in order to improve/change their lifestyle; - To encourage 500 youth and the participants in the project to involve in activities and to promote the fight against obesity among other young adults; - To encourage the participants in the project to interact with specialized persons in health issues in order to understand the need of preventing obesity through the fight against it. The impact of the project is divided on 3 groups: (1) participants/target group – the participants have improved their knowledge about the effects of obesity on body, the importance of adopting a healthy life style, how to adopt a plan in order to change their life, about strategies to lose weight, methods on preventing obesity. Additionally, the participants have changed their opinions of the need to go to medical checks, some decided to write papers about this topic, some wrote projects on similar topic, some which participated for the first time in a Erasmus + project decide to get involved in it. (2) partner organization increased their visibility om local, national and European level, get informed about obesity and its effects, increased the number of people willing to involve in their organization, developed their competences in implementing projects, helped their volunteers to develop their competencies, knowledge, attitudes, etc. (3) the collaborators increased their capacities of working with youth, helped their personnel/members/volunteers to develop their knowledge and abilities, increased the visibility in local and national level.

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