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Bazaar-virtual market of mature entrepreneurs
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

In Germany 38 percent of Germans belong to the 50-plus generation.Of the 15 million 50 to 65 year olds; only 39 percent still have paid employment. In Austria in only 39 percent of 55 to 64 year olds were employed, in France 38%, in Germany 52%, in Italy 34% in Turkey even 30% The EU average in this age segment was 45%. UK however with 57% has one the highest rates in EU (Eurostat LFS 2007). Aim of the project is to develop and test innovative instruments, which facilitate employability of older workers by removing existing obstacles (awareness in the society, new skills, and creative solutions) and making working attractive for the target group. By enhancing the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship we will create a pool as an e-market by using internet to sell goods and services. In order to support and organise these new entrepreuneurs we establish in each partner country (DE,AT,FR,IT, TR and UK) an virtuel bazaar (webspace) which overtakes the overall tasks (training, marketing, adminsitrative) for all entrepeneurs in collective, so they are embedded in a “collective entrepeneurship” instead of struggling individualy with similar problems. We address unemployed and retired people 50+ and encourage and train them to provide service and/or goods either with their already existing skills and experience like teachers, web designer, accountants, hairdresser, tailor, masseur, cook, elderly care services, gardener, or with their creative hobbies; photographing, painting, writing, sewing, woodworking. Aims and impact: Guidance and encouragement to improve older people´s employability, revalue and upgrade their competences and knowledge. Project will stimulate target group to learn a new qualification and/or to start their own e-business. Coaching and a training course as well a dialog platform to share good practice and advocate changes in attitudes of older people themselves and society are outputs of the project.
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