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Bauhaus - Networking Ideas and Practice
Start date: Oct 1, 2013,

The main objective of the project is to thoroughly explore and present the activities and interrelations of artists from South-eastern Europe, who were schooled at the renowned international school of architecture, design, and visual art – Bauhaus and its impact on the artistic practices in 1950s in South East Europe.The mainstay of the project Bauhaus - Networking Ideas and Practice are the aesthetic and pedagogical concepts of the Bauhaus school, which were applied to all visual art disciplines, design, architecture, theatre, and even multimedia experiments. The other essential determinant of Bauhaus’s educational activity is the synthesis of art theories and practice, both through creative courses and school workshops on the one side, and individual practice of artists on the other. A special segment of the project is directed at the research of art groups and tendencies during the fifties of the 20th century in South East Europe, which developed under direct influence of ideas and practice of the Bauhaus, as well as the legacy of geometrical abstraction and avant-garde movements of the first half of the last century. During the last few years, the theory and practice of Bauhaus are again in the focus of interest. The activity of Bauhaus students from South-eastern Europe, their strong impact on the development of the artistic expressions as well as the general idea of Bauhaus and its impact has not been represented till today, neither presented. Therefore, now is the right time to research and present it integrally as an artistic and cultural phenomenon of utmost importance, as a movement aiming to sharing life and work between teachers and students, synthesis of theory and practice in the learning process, experimenting in different art media, mobility of artists and networking ideas and practices. The project will be developed through several complementary segments: research, digitalization, on line database, exhibitions, conferences, workshop.
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