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Barn og unges medvirkning i samferdselsplanlegging
Start date: 02 May 2013,

Through national guidelines children and youth's interests are integrated in Norwegian areal planning prosesses. But planning of large transport systems are exempt from the normal planning regulations, and transport planners often forget to consult children and youth when they decide where to build the new roads, and on whether they should choose tunnels or bridges. During this project we will initiate a dialog in the transport planning region of middle Norway, between regional and national authorities, transport planners and the regional youth councils. The aim of the project is to change the national guidelines for transport planning, so children and youth get influence over these processes too.The meeting will take place at May 6., in Trondheim with 30 youth representatives, several experts on transport planning and regional and national politicians. The results will be presented by youths in a meeting with representatives from the national Parliament in October.
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