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Bargain for the Earth
Start date: Mar 1, 2012,

“Bargain for the Earth” - European youth promotes second-hand consumerism for reduction of rubbish is a recycling youth exchange, tackling the topic of our wardrobes and furniture and what we do when we dispose of them. Fortunately, there is plenty of second hand shops and flea markets which provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, furniture and everyday gadgets. Extending the life of clothes, shoes and furniture reduces environmental degradation from the manufacturing of new one. With the use of simple tools as glue, colors and old newspapers, youth will renovate old and rusty furniture, clothes and shoes from the local people's everyday life, which are still functional, but seem old-fashioned and thus unattractive. After renovating particular subjects or clothes, youngsters will imagine their own stories, regarding the “relationship” between the imaginative owner and the subject/clothing and will present them in the ending exhibition together with the idea that buying secondhand clothing and furniture might be a way to shop smarter for the earth and beside, might bring into our lives also "the soul" of other people and their lives. YE will take place in Ključ in the end of March 2012 and will unite youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, FYROM and Serbia.

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