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Bangol Including Festigress (BIF)
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

The Bangol Including Festigress Project gather youngsters from five european countries: Lithuania, Lathvia, Poland, Germany and Sweden, and with different experiences from marginalization and social belongings. The young participants join together in the project to explore, compare, discuss and experiment with democracy and inclusion policys and praxis in ther own local societies. Inclusion is a democratic process defined as making activities, meeting places and other resources welcoming and accessible for everyone, regardless of ability and social belonging. The project inclusion motto is: Youngsters who learn together, learn to live together (Declaration of Salamanca, 1994).The youngsters exeperiences will be further developed by acting together in their own local societies according to the project theme, and to spread information about the EU Youth in Action democrazy program.The youngsters then send representatives to Lund, first to reflect together on common experiencis about democrazy and inclusion issues and to plan for the project Festigress (combination of festival and congress), and then later to participate in the final five days Festigress. These meetings between youngsters from participating coutries will contain discussions, workshops, study visits and meetings with politicians and experts. The project will start in August 2011 and end in December 2012.The results from the project meetings, discussions and activities about how to implement democrazy and inclusive issues and to encurage solidarity between different marginlized groups, will be presented in a booklet with Best Including Practicies and in a project film.
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