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Baltic University Programme (BUP)

The Baltic University is a regional university network with about 225 universities in the 14 countries in the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic University Programme is established as a unit at Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD Uppsala) at Uppsala University, under the governance of an international board. The Programme plans, produces and coordinates undergraduate and master level courses using modern educational technologies in combination with traditional university educational settings, and runs joint research projects. The chosen subjects are of common concern for the entire region, and the international cooperation is of key importance. The activities concentrate on different aspects of sustainable development in the region. At present almost 10,000 students participates each year.The participating universities include classical universities, as well as universities of technology, agriculture, culture, economics, pedagogics etc. All countries within or partly within the Baltic Sea drainage basin are represented: Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden and more marginally Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Achievements: A large network of researchers and teachers at the universities has developed. The number of individuals who have contributed at some stage in the Programme are more than 1,500. Most of these are active within environmental science, but contributions from humanities and social sciences are also important.

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