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Baltic Sea management - Nature conservation and sustainable development in the marine ecosystem through marine spatial planning (BALANCE)
Start date: Jun 19, 2005, End date: Dec 18, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BALANCE – or in full “Baltic Sea Management–Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Ecosystem through Spatial Planning” – is an INTERREG III B co-funded project aimed towards development of informed marine management tools for the Baltic Sea based on spatial planning and cross-sectoral and transnational co-operation.BALANCE is organised into 5 work packages (WPs) which will identify and collate relevant and available marine data in the Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak area; define Baltic Sea marine landscapes and develop habitat maps, the latter in 4 pilot areas; assess the existing Baltic Sea Marine Protected Areas network and develop a “blue corridor” concept; develop Baltic marine zoning plans in 2 pilot areas (pilot area 2 and 3) and communicate with stakeholders and disseminate the results to project partners, sub-contractors, stakeholders and the public. Achievements: The planned results of WP1 include: (1) Standards for compatibility between sectors and countries. (2) Intercalibration of survey methodology. (3) Sharing of data between BSR countries and different sectors to facilitate better use of resources and enhance co-operation. The planned results of WP2 are: (1) An agreed approach to identification and mapping of marine landscapes and habitats. (2) In areas with little biological information, habitat predictive models will be developed and validated. The planned results of WP3 include: (1) Demonstration of the "blue corridor" concept. (2) Evaluation of representativity of landscapes and habitats in the Baltic MPA networks and coherence between sites, including suggestions on how to improve the existing network. The planned results of WP4 include: (1) A management template with guidelines on a) planning and managing of marine areas, b) assessment of management efficiency, and c) stakeholder involvement. (2) A final report of an ecosystem-based approach to management of marine areas in the Baltic Sea based on spatial planning - this will include guidelines on zoning plans, management planning, success assessment and stakeholder involvement.

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