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Start date: Dec 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To s??d?? ?at??t?s?? ""Balkan(re)vision"" ?d?se t?? e??a???a se 32 ????? youth workers, ?????a? 18-30 et?? ap? 13 ???e? t?? ?a??a???? ?a? t?? ????p?? (??ßa??a, ?G??, ?????a??a, ???µa??a, S??ßa??a, ??s??a ?a? ???e??ß???, ??????a, ??p??, ?ta??a, ?spa??a, ????a??a, ???at?a ?a? ????da) ?a ?????st???, s??e??ast??? ?a? ?a µe????? µa?? ??a 10 ?µ??e? (26/4/2015-5/5/2015) st?? ?ast???? t?? ??t???? ?a?ed???a?, p???e?µ???? ?a as???????? µe t?? p?????s? t?? d?ap???t?sµ???? ?ata???s?? ?a? a?e?t???t?ta?, a?afe??µe??? st?? ?atast?se?? ?a? eµpe???e? p?? ep???at??? st?? pat??de? t???. ?at? t? d????e?a t?? s?ed??? ?at??t?s??, ?? s?µµet????te? p??s????sa? µe t? ???s? t?? µe??d?? t?p???? ?a? µ? t?p???? µ???s?? ??µata p?? af????sa? t? d?ap???t?sµ??? d??????, ta a????p??a d??a??µata, t? ?ats?sµ?, t? ?e??f?ß?a ?a? t?? ????????? ap???e?sµ?, e?? a????sa? p?a?t???? ?a? e??a?e?a p?? p??????? t? d?ap???t?sµ??? µ???s?. ?? s?µµet????te? µet? t?? e?tat??? ?at??t?s? ?at?fe?a? ?a ap??t?s??? ??e? ??a??t?te? ?a? ?a a?apt????? de???t?te?, a??? ?????? ?a ????et?s??? ??e? st?se?? ?a? s?µpe??f????. S???e???µ??a, ?? 32 youth workers ap???µ?sa? ??e? ???se?? ?a? eµpe???e? s?et??? µe t? ???s? µe??d?? ??a t?? ?at?????? ste?e?t?p?? ?a? p???ata???e?? a??µesa st?? ???e? t?? ?a??a????? ?pe???? ?a? t?? e?d???µ?s? t??? µe t?? e?as????s? µe ??t?µata p?? af????? ta a????p??a d??a??µata ?a? ????????? ??t?µata. ?d?a?te?? p??s??? d????e st? t???? t?? p?????µµat?? st?? e??s??s? t?? ?p?????t?? d??t??? µeta?? t?? ???a??se??/eta????, ?? ?p???? ??a a?t? ta ?????a t?? ?e?t?????a? t?? f???a, ap?t??esa? t??? ßas????? eta????? t?? d??se?? ?a? t????a? ??µata µe????t???? s??e??as?a? sta p?a?s?a t?? ???? p?????µµat?? ""Erasmus+"". ????e? ?a a?afe??e? ?t? t? ""Balkan(re)vision"" ?ta? t? a?aßa?µ?sµ??? p????aµµa ?at??t?s?? t?? a?????? p?????µµat?? ""Balkan Vision"" p?? ???p??????e p??? ap? µe???? ?????a ap? t?? f???a ?a? ap?de?????e ?t? ? s????e?a t?? µet? ap? µe???? ?????a ?ta? ?d?a?te?a ???s?µ? ?a? ??s?ast???. ?????, ? a??a?? t?? t?p??es?a? ???p???s?? t??? p?????µµat?? ????e µe s??p? t?? p?????s? a?t?st????? d??se?? ?a? st?? epa???a t?? ?a?ed???a? ?p?? ?p???e? µe???? p?s?st? ?e??a?a?, a??? ?a? µe s??p? t?? a??de??? t?? f?s???? ?a? ?st?????? p???t?? p?? ???ßeta? st?? epa???a t?? ????da?. The training course ""Balkan(re)vision"" provided an opportunity to 32 young youth workers, aged 18-30 from 13 countries of the Balkans and Europe (Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Cyprus , Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and Greece) to meet, cooperate and stay together for 10 days (26/4 /2015-5/5/2015) in Kastoria city of Western Macedonia, in order to deal with the idea of intercultural understanding and tolerance, referring to situations and experiences that prevail in their home countries. During the training course, participants using the methods of formal and non-formal learning, approached topics related to intercultural dialogue, human rights, racism, xenophobia and social exclusion and analyzed practices and tools that promote intercultural learning. Participants after intensive training managed to acquire new skills and develop skills, but rather to adopt new attitudes and behaviors. Particularly, 32 youth workers gained new knowledge and experiences on the use of methods for breaking down stereotypes and prejudices among the countries of Balkan Penisula and strengthening them in order to deal with issues relating to human rights and social issues. Specific attention was given at the end of the program to strengthen of the existing network between the organizations/partners who over the years of operation of the organization were the main partners and reinforce future cooperation under the new program of ""Erasmus+"". It is worth mentioning that the ""Balkan(re)vision"" was the upgraded training program of the the original program ""Balkan Vision"" that was implemented a few years ago by the organization. It was approved the continuity of it after a few years have been extremely useful and essential. Finally, the change of the planned place of the training was eventually very good choice, because in that way it was showed that respective actions should be promoted also to the province of Macedonia where there is a large percentage of youth, but also in order to highlight the natural and historical wealth that exists in the province of Greece.
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