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Balace EAT
Start date: Oct 9, 2014, End date: May 8, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project aims to raise awareness about the elements which consist a healthy lifestyle among youngsters in Europe. At the same time, they will raise their self-awareness and think more critically when it comes to food consumption. Therefore, moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’, participants will play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding youth towards healthier eating habits and physical exercising. This project aims to inspire and motivate the participants to organize their own activities in order to spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle. Participants will also explore current or cultural dietary trends and raise their acceptance. Participants will be also engaged in activities in which they will reflect on how youth can be motivated to follow a healthier lifestyle. The target groups of this project are youngsters, youth leaders, youth workers, facilitators, trainers and people working with young people, aged 20 – 35 years old. Its objectives of this training course are: -To raise self-awareness and reflect on healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. -To experience, analyse and reflect on the power of media on our everyday habits. -To promote non-formal education and informal learning as key strategies in understanding health realities in Europe and shooting down dietary myths. -To challenge participants with new healthy lifestyles and also with educational, theoretical and practical ideas of how youth can learn about health matters. -To motivate and support participants to run local or international activities about introducing healthy lifestyles among youngsters and develop critical thinking before consuming. -To promote ‘Erasmus+’ possibilities through future projects about promoting healthy lifestyles in Europe. The main working methods used in this training course are non-formal education and the informal way of learning. These include: ice-breaking games, energizers, workshops, team-building exercises, group dynamics, presentations, peer to peer education, experiential learning, group outdoor educational activities, visits, reflection groups, role-playing, simulations, cooperative learning, panel discussions and debates, round tables, brainstorming, simulation and analyses. At the end of this project, participants will have been benefited in various ways. First of all they will develop their self-awareness about their everyday life habits and be challenged to change for a healthier alternative. Secondly, they will be inspired, motivated and feel confident enough to become multipliers of the knowledge and experience gained. Therefore, by implementing similar activities they can encourage other youth to follow a healthier lifestyle. By achieving this result, there are potentials of having a positive impact in youth’s lifestyles and through spreading this ideas we will have long term benefits among youth’s health in Europe. Most important is raising awareness for the power of media and the development of critical thinking before consuming.
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