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Start date: Feb 14, 2015, End date: Feb 13, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project has arisen from the need to the increasing of smoking and alcohol among young people in Turkey and all over the world, and the inadequacy of the activities done on this issue. The young people in our organization come to our school, as a result of eight years basic education, in order to get vocational and technical education from our organization. These young people prefer these schools because they fail in the exams done for the secondary school placement, and most of them cannot get another school to study. The young people lag behind their peers in many ways due to the fact that the district where the school is located is small and socially underdeveloped. The young who fails in the exams seen as the only way to success by the family and community is seen quite inadequate with an understanding of generalization. So, the young people who create his character with the feedback of the environment, at the same time, develop a negative perception against himself. The young people spend more time with their peers in order to overcome these problems and to cope with the stressful experiences of adolescence. Therefore, in this process, young group of friends are important. To be included in a group, the young must fulfil some certain behaviour in the group. In order to be a member of a group, one of the most important conditions is to smoke and use substance. The young people starts to use substance which they wonder its effects in consequence of bowing to the insistence of the groups of friends. Initially, the young who uses substance in order to comply with the group sees it as a way to resolve the negative emotions and he convinces himself to this, as well. Because the dominant culture in society and our organization is cigarette and alcohol use, this causes new students to be addicted. The project aims to reserve this process and situation, and it intends to overcome this with the peer guidance which is used to help the young people and to solve the problems among them. Thus, our school as a coordinator is an institution that carries activities about health and addiction. The knowledge and skills that will be helpful for participating students to assist their friends will be accomplished with the partner institution. Firstly, sporting and cultural activities will be held for integration of the project participants, socializing and getting to know each other’s cultures, identifying the group roles in authentic ways. The shaping of consciousness among public, also, will be ensured by providing the public participation in some parts of the activities. Then, students will have the knowledge and attitudes about these substances and their damages through teaching techniques, such as project work, discussions, small and large group work. The students will help each other and ensure more effective communication with their friends by supplying them with trainings such as assertiveness, saying “no” ,initiating and maintaining the friendship. Pictures to be used in the promotion of the project will be done together. The recognition of culture is aimed with having a trip to the historical areas, the local music activity, and folk dances. 4 female, 4 male young people and a companion from Lithuania and 4 female, 4 male young people including a companion from Latvia, 18 people will participate in the project. The participants of the project are the young people under the risk who do not smoke and use alcohol. The partner in Latvia is an institution that has activities and provides education on health and addiction. As a result of the project, reducing rate of smoking and alcohol use which are common among students in our school will be realized. So, this will increase in the form of a multiplier effect by spreading to the years with the hands of our students who get the education through the project. Creating the attitudes towards avoiding young people from harmful habits among students in our school, district and city in a long term will be obtained.
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