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‘’Back To The Future’’
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Teleportation technology , flying cars , floating skateboards in the air….as in the movie ‘’Back To The Future’’. It is always said that we can have them all in a few years. These Technologies of near future excite us about the profits of future and motivate the visionary new generations , to maths , science and engineering sciences. So , what about the ‘ teachers’ of these scientists , inventors and engineers ? Will the qualifications of teachers be adequate fort hem? In the future , students will be more intelligent and learn more quickly , teachers of the future should be ready for these students. Thats why we need this Project. In globalisation enviroment countries have continious effort for development. Education systems have a great role in these developments. For an effective education system all processes should be improved well. And , teachers have an active role in these processes. Therefore getting the success in education is based on increasing the quality of teachers. Increasing in quality is possible by , first of all , knowing the essential general and specific proficiencies of theachers and then by gaining (bringing) these proficiencies with pre and domestic education programmes to them. Furthermore , at the end of the 80’s ‘’cyber world’’ which comes into our life quietly , shows us that ,knowing a foreign language is essential. Of course , many websites translate in Turkish. Even we can read an article in different languages by using just one key. But we are all aware of that these translations are not adequate all the time. Nowadays English is a global language. If you can use (speak) this language well , you can communicate the people who have the same interests with you , or you can attend the conferences in different countries and you can live in real and virtual envirenments without having any difficulties. So , fort he teachers ‘it is a must!’ to know (learn) English , especially for developing their proficiencies. With this Project our main target is to provide opportunity to our voluntary 5 employees , consist of managers and teachers already have Europe experience, main level in foreign language and profession in science , mathematics , english and class teaching , to have joint teaching experience with the dedicated teachers in our school partners ahead developing capability , efficient usage of information technology , open for development adapting easily to different cultures and lifew styles and maket hem fluent English speaker.
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