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This project supports people who have dropped out of school involving four partners from Hungary, Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria. It aims to create lasting change in the areas of education, employment, and society by integrating youth with fewer opportunities into their local communities. Methods used to achieve this goal include non-formal education based on intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, through which youths and adults share life experiences and jointly impact their communities. Both, disadvantaged youngsters and other local inhabitants are empowered to act as active citizens. The project is divided into three phases. The first phase features a fi ve- day international meeting bringing 20 young people and four coordinators together. This dialogue entails the organisation of two training sessions that explore methods used by local authorities knowledgeable in the fi eld of educational policy. The second phase develops an intergenerational forum, along with youth activities at the local level. Finally, the third phase is de- voted to evaluating the work and following up the activities. Two important elements on the local level are creating employment opportunities within the local labour market and developing support systems for youth activities. A website and four conferences organised at local level are aimed at insur- ing the project’s visibility.

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