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Back to our Roots
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Apr 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Back to Our Roots is a youth exchange project lasting 4 months, from the 1st of August, 2014 to the 30th of November this year . Participant groups are two, they come from Spain and the Czech Republic. They already had the chance to meet thanks to a previous project within the former 'Youth in Action' programme framemark. At that time, participants could enjoy of culture exchange in a context very close to nature, sports and outdoors activities, getting aware of all differences between them, but also achieving a peacefull and enriching life in common. Now, our aim is to focus on all the simmilar points we share due our condition of values-based people, European citizens and our common interest in the non formal education field thanks to our main joining aspect, the belonging of both groups to the Scouting Movement. In a more technical approach, we could state that we wish to share our vision, more based on educational fields, with our Czech partners, since they already had the chance to show us their way of work, more linked to adventure as a tool to reach children and young people. For that purpose, beside activities and dynamics for participants, we will create a special space for educators (over 18 participants) who are also involved. This will let them have an exchange of opinons and working systems on their volunteer tasks. All this will be held in different preparation and promotion activities, but having, as a key action, a camp which will have place in the Spanish region of Extremadura, during the dates 06-13/09/2014. A real sharing and peace climate will be achieved thanks to games, dynamics and reflection for 52 participans, aged 14-30, coming from both countries. It does not end at this point; they all will get a 'God Deed Passport' they will have to keep to remember the need of leaving a possitive footprint on the places they visit in the future.
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