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Back to our roots: Meetings and exchange of culture!Men have been on their way since ever and their own cultures have walked on

The cooperation leads to a better understanding of the variety of European Cultures. As intercultural experiences pose challenges to one’s personal identity and communication skills, it is important to be aware of cultural differences to deal with them in a non-judgement way. With the interaction and the exchange of cultures, this project, through the partnership with schools of member wants to find out together on one hand possible common cultural roots and, on the other elements of differences and otherness. The aim is to set up a course about the “ meeting” and the “ telling”, that is to say about the mutual communication of one’s own history, one’s own territorial characteristics, about the cultural conceptions related to the meaningful aspects of the collective life in the reality of each “partner” country ( culture, religion, art, architecture, language and so on).This journey is meant to be done following two “itineraries”.I year: “ TIME OF WORDS: PASSAPAROLA”: the linguistic inheritanceII year: “ ON THE WAY…”art, architecture, town planning.

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