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Back to Basics - back to nature II
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth Centre Villa Elba organizes a group short-term EVS-project 22.6-19.8.2015 in Kokkola, Finland. The aim is to gather young people with fewer opportunities to live and work together in a multicultural group for 8 weeks. The aim is to give young people (unemployment, social or economical problems, educational difficulties) a chance to gain skills and experiences that will help them in the future. During the project volunteers will learn not only new working methods, but also about the rules and expectations in working life and how to work together with different kind of people. During the project the volunteers will be renovating an old camp centre by the lake in municipality of Reisjärvi, in the middle of Finnish country side. The idea is to renovate the the buildings, make environmental protection work and prepare yard to be suitable for use of children and young people to play games. They will have experience of living simple life in the centre middle of the forest by the lake. Volunteers will be also making a skiing track for winter 2016 skiing competition in the municipality of Kronoby. The volunteers will cut bushes and prepare the tracks with help of local volunteers. In the project we will also offer task to work in Youth Centre Villa Elba with different kind of environmental tasks. Youth Centre Villa Elba is located next to a bird protection area and the work will for an example be to cut off grass, to maintain the nature paths. There will also be tasks related to renovating and maintaining buildings in Villa Elba and working with allotment garden of Tullimäki. Besides the work the group will learn house holding tasks and to live together in a multicultural environment. The volunteers will be responsible for taking care of the house where they live and also to prepare meals. Through these activities we wan't to give the young people new experiences and skills, which can improve their opportunities at the labour market in their home countries and therefore, the projects targets youth unemployment. Volunteers tasks are closely connected to taking care of surroundings and environment, therefore we also raise young people awareness of enviroment. The project offers the local community opportunity to meet and associate with interesting young people from different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, as the volunteers will work locally and regionally, they will integrate with local people and this multicultural teamwork can have a big impact on the volunteers and the locals. Volunteers work to renovate and take care of the communities environment, will be hugely appreciated and valued by local people. And also in their home communities, the work of volunteers will be recognized as they share their experience. The volunteers will learn and understand what are possible ways and obstacles to live abroad, how to learn to meet different cultures and how to overcome cultural differences. Through this project, they can get a wider perspective on life and themselves as well this can make them feel more as European citizens instead of only their nationality.
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