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Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: May 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Scout Association of Malta and Wolverhampton North District Scouts are applying for a youth exchange project, that seeks to give its youths, all of whom are active in scouting, the opportunity to participate in an inter-cultural project which will be held in Malta between the 19-28 July 2014. In this way all of the participating youth will have the possibility to raise their awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries but more importantly discuss European citizenship in terms of security, peace, conflict resolution. This will be done using cross-comparision examples from the past (e.g. WWII) and present scenarios (e.g. Mediterranean boat people) The Objectives of the Project are: 1) To give youth the opportunity to learn via informal and non-formal learning approaches 2) Give a real sense to today's youths about international cooperation and relations that lead into prosperous growth 3) Emphasise the importance of human rights and rule of law in terms of a country's prosperity and EU founding principes 4) To promote creativity and innovation amongst the young participants 5) To promote the importance of outdoor activites and camping healthy lifestyles 6) To promote the importance of equity and inclusion in the light of the growing multiculturalism in our societies. 7) To appreciate the importance of values such as: respect, tolerance and friendship 8) To acquire important skills such as: teamwork, leadership, organisational and socuting skills. 9) To increase awareness on the importance of volunteering Exchanged based on International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation The youth exchange will aim to give a new realistic understanding of what international cooperation and relations mean both in the past and present scenarios. The project will give the youths a platform where they could discuss and experience workshops that will deal with issues such as confilct, resolution and peace. All of this will be done in contrast with the Malta-UK past relationship and how the EU is strengthen a new sense to cooperation on a European platform. On a more personal level the participating youth in this project are all coming from different backgrounds and for this reason several sessions during the exchange will seek to promote equality and inclusion. The participating youth are now living in more multicultural societies and for this reason it is very important to instill in the youth important values such as respect, tolerance, human rights and rule of law, which are necessary building blocks for international cooperation. The results of the project would be first of all to have a unique experience for all the youth involved an experience that everyone will treasure. Via this project both both organisations will seek to establish a strong relationship with will pave the way for cooperation on future projects and/or initiatives. During this project the youth will have the opportunity to appreciate a sense of European citizenship via the intercultural dialogues and this will result in respect towards other cultures and traditions. As a result of this project the skills of the scout will increase and they will become better ambassadors towards promoting important priorities such as security, peace, conflict resolution. The long-term benefits of the project will be in the sense that the qualities promoted during this exchange and the views of all the participants will remain with them and this will thus lead to rendering these youth more active citizens on the national and the EU level. This is in particular important with respect to current scenarios of illegal migration and Russia's invasion on Ukraine. As a result of this project it will be possible for the participating youth to implement more and bigger projects for the benefit of other young people from the EU an neighbouring partner countries.
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