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B - PLAN Build Personal Labour Acting in Net
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Economical situation and employment difficulties take to the consideration that business creation can be an answer to enter a satisfactory working position and to promote economical development. Incentive policies for enterprises support new potential economical actors, which are mainly youngsters, women, migrants and over 45´s. Technical assistance and support services mainly help individuals with the business plan elaboration, taking almost exclusively into consideration market, economical and financial aspects, without taking into due account personal and social dimensions, that play an important role for the business success. Our specific aims are: to provide updated tools to guidance operators, to support new economical actors in choosing self-employment solutions, rising the success chances of start-ups. Innovative aspects foresee: competences approach towards business creation (entrepreneurial key skills); adaptation of times, manners and personal needs with the entrepreneurial idea (balanced growth); work on membership (team building); activation of entrepreneurial partnerships (mentoring & networking). Expected products are: Guidance model for the entrepreneurial choice; Website with the social network platform; Users’ handbook; Publicity demo of the model; On-line support and community network. Counsellors and advisors for technical assistance and support for business creation compose the main users’ group. Expected impact on direct target group foresees the involvement of around 200 operators, to engage in B-Plan through local and transnational seminars to design and evaluate the guidance model in a participatory way, through the model testing phase (learning by doing, with the support of partners’ coachers), through the on-line social network (ICT utilities & tutoring). The testing phase is directed to 50 aspiring entrepreneurs, which will be partially involved in the co-projecting and fully engaged in the evaluation process of the guidance pathway/model.
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