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Start date: Aug 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Club Deportivo Chañe proposes an exchange of European cultures called B-Alternative between countries, Spain,Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Italy with young people from 18-30 years (including leaders) to develop in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, particularly in Medina del Campo (valladolid) . It will take place between November 4 and November 12, 2015. Project context: The project will take place in 2015 where we found a high rate of youth unemployment prevents young Europeans access to the labor market. And this, in all the 28 to 10%; 24% in Spain, 13.2% in Italy, 25.7% in Greece ... (Eurostat, 2015). These data concern for the millions of people they represent. On the other hand we currently sporting perspective tends to represent values that are not specific to the sport as such as are economic and social interests that make the sport in half and excessive profit business. Number and profile of participants: Participants 8 young from 6 different countries, which together with the organization team are 50 young. Participants will be involved in this project will be those who are socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion, presenting economic or social difficulties. A so once elected associations often work sport as a means of integration and expansion of knowledge. Description of activities: The activities will focus on the theme, using alternative sports as a means of acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable the participants to grow as a person and knowing yourself well settled bases that allow access or increase the accessibility the workforce. This is done through: group dynamics, talks, lectures, simulation games / workshops, cultural games and icebreakers, roundtables, exhibitions, dynamic, meetings, cultural visits, cultural evenings of each country, and other entertainment activities proposals that put us in contact with the subject. There will be activities that generate publicity material such as flyers, commercials ... and in turn there will be activities that give visibility to all these materials we created. Which will be represented in the provenance of the grant (Erasmus +), the organization of the training event (Club Deportivo Chañe) and objectives, main activities ... At the same time taking advantage of the cultural wealth that will focus on this event will have activities that lead us to learn about all countries participating loa about the subject that concerns us but also cultural, dining, dancing, everyday life .. . Results and impact. Todoss get that participants acquire skills, abilities and attitudes to face the working world in a more efficient manner thus increasing their employability. All participants will have a dossier in which the subject is shown and project activities thus allowing them to implement it in their countries. From Spain we are in contact with local authorities to help us promote and disseminate the project results, marking future options. In turn each association has its own web portal through which disseminate the project. The most significant element and with the greatest impact in the future is the possibility of converting the sport as an educational tool focused on the knowledge of self and personal reflection. Many authors who have worked this subject: Marcelino Vaca (2000), Garcia, A., Rodriguez, H (2009), Navarro, V., (2008). What we want is to take advantage of it and improve the current socio-economic situation.

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