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Аз уча и се забавлявам. Научавам, знам и мога!
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Too many young people leave school prematurely and run a high risk of being unemployed. The same risk threatens the high number of adult workers with low skills. Strong and well-performing education and training can help deal with these challenges by providing citizens with the skills required by the labour .The project " Studying is fun. I learn, I know, I can!" is focused on preventing students to leave school prematurely. It uses modern and creative methodology tools and techniques and innovating technologies to increase students' interest in studying and keep them engaged.The aim of the project is to give teachers/ school staff and management members/ access to extensive knowledge of methodology and management, to make them aware of their competences and to encourage their personal and professional development, so they will be able to provide strong and well-performed education meeting the 21st century requirements.The participants in the project teach languages, Maths and Computer studies. The language teachers teach children from 5 to 10 years old and from 11 to 14 years old. This way they guarantee a continuous and sustainable education achieving the same standard, knowledge and students'competences at both levels. The participation of a management member guarantees the school and staff development. The basic project activities are training courses/ foreign language, methodology,management,preventing early school leaving and teaching multicultural classes/: 1. Creative Methodology:The Creative Methodology course aims to provide foreign language teachers with a greater range of techniques and tools that they can employ in the classroom. The course focuses on activities that are adaptable to a variety of learners and teaching situations as well as giving teachers an overview of the technologies available for language learning. 2. Young Learners:Young Learner course gives teachers of under 11s a wide variety of fun and innovative activities to get and keep kids interested in learning English. The course presents both more traditional classroom activities as well as those which exploit new technologies to keep students engaged. Sessions concentrate on practical activities rather than abstract theory, and participants will gain access to collections of online resources to use with their learners. 3. Managing and Developing Self and Others:Modern human resources and leadership techniques are as relevant in a school setting as they are in business. The course is aimed at Head- and Deputy Head teachers as well as any other school staff responsible for the development of their colleagues, and shows how these ideas can be integrated into a school environment. It starts from the premise that in order to develop others, you must first know your own strengths, weaknesses and move on to explore practical ways of motivating, managing and raising awareness of colleagues’ character traits. 4.Early school leaving:Early school leaving is an issue relevant in all EU countries and has attracted attention of a lot of researchers as well as policy makers and educators.The course will allow the trainees to share experiences in their countries, will offer them theoretical background to different possible approaches. The trainees will also get hands on experience with methodologies, approaches and forms of assessment to support pupils with different needs and whose use in education should prevent early school leaving. 5.Teaching multicultural classes:Trainees will be shown new methodologies suitable for work in multicultural classes, used in different subjects for solving real life problems.Guidance will be given on current theoretical knowledge . Expected results:Give teachers tools to motivate learning in students. Encourage teachers to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Exchange experiences and knowledge. Develop language level and language awareness of teachers. Make participants more aware of the importance of personality diversity at work. Highlight ways of developing themselves and others. Еxplore ways to motivate internally and externally.Wider range of techniques, tools and technologies with which to teach and manage the classroom and the school staff.Practical ideas for dealing with specific teaching issues. Networking opportunities. Access to extensive knowledge of resources, techniques and other educational systems which they can share with other staff members. Staff have greater language awareness. Teachers are made aware of tools to help them be more responsible for their own development. Teachers are able to meet students’ specific needs and interests. Students are more motivated to learn . The longlasting potentials of the project are that it increases the students and staff's interest in professional and personal developing, use of acquired knowledge and competences while meeting the requirements of the labour.
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