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Az európai kohézió laboratóriuma: projektegyüttműködések generálása az Ister-Granum EGTC-ben / Laboratórium európskej súdržnosti: generovanie projektových spoluprác v Ister-Granum EGTC (Az európai kohézió laboratóriuma / Laboratórium európskej súdržnosti)
Start date: Sep 30, 2009, End date: Sep 29, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mr. Lamassoure (EP-deputy) calls the cross-border cooperation as a laboratory of the European cohesion, because this kind of cooperation realize the European aims concerning the cohesion in their day-to-day life. It is true in the case of the one of the first initiated EGTC´s in the Union, since it is allowed to create own institutions and enterprises. That is why the Ister-Granum EGTC is a laboratory for the European Union where the first experiments on this field are performing. In order to this initiative be able to play its role, the regional stakeholders have to be aware of this new situation; the legal margins of the EGTC has to be unfolded in both countries; and we have to elaborate projects concerning cooperation between institutions and development of own institutional systems. It is required by the claim of socialization of regionalism as well.In the region of Ister-Granum there are some deficiencies of public institutions, for instance the nearest hospital from Sturovo is 50 km´s in Slovakia, however there is an operating hospital in Esztergom (3 km´s from the Slovakian border town). It is a question as well, how could operate this towns their parallel institutions "Is it possible to operate them common". In order to answer these questions we have to analyze the legal basis of the cooperation: what is allowed by the laws of both countries on the field of public services (such as education, health care, public transport, common administration etc.), economy (cooperation between SME´s, tourism, clusters etc.) and the social cooperation (NGO?s, institutions etc.). Achievements: The objective of the European grouping of territorial cooperation is to facilitate and promote cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation. This considerably new legal entity represents an extraordinary opportunity for the border regions to develop their own institutions and enterprises, to launch important development activities, and thus balance the disadvantages resulting from their peripheral location. The Ister-Granum EGTC was established in 2008 as the first EGTC in the Central European region and within the support of the HUSK CBC programme aimed at mapping the legal systems on both sides of the border for the development of the EGTCs\' institutions, the preparation of regional institutional actors for the new integrative system, the development of the project design capacity of the institutions active in the region and the development of projects promoting institutionalization.
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