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Az elektronika és az informatika kapcsolata a korszerű ipari gyakorlatban
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school the Miskolci Kando Kalman Secondary Technical School train secondary specialists on the area of informatics and electronics. Our institution takes part as a sender in the application. The 14 people involved in the project will acquire a trade in the field of electronics technicians in the post-secondary years. The professional training includes the following: the construction of electronic circuits, installation, and manufacture of electronic equipment, industrial manufacturing systems operation and maintenance, as well as writing and programming of PLC. The students during the planned three – week practice, will learn through a complex task the designing of the manufacturing process, the production management processes, the PLC-controlled circuits set up, using and operation. Our receiving partner is the VITALIS GmbH from Germany, works near Leipzig, in Schkeuditz town. The main activity of VITALIS GmbH is to complicate and organize professional practice for foreign high school students. They have been participating in the Leonardo da Vinci project for 18 years and in the ERASMUS+ for 2 years. Our school joined to the Leonardo da Vinci project in 2008 for the first time. 73 students could travel to foreign professional training with our winner projects in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. These projects were a great opportunity for our students. They have got measurable results on two areas: on one hand in the practice of the foreign - language speaking, in the other hand the professional training in a foreign country. Activities of daily living in a foreign country realized our students the importance of foreign language knowledge. The professional training proved to them that their vocational level of theoretical and practical knowledge is good; therefore they could do the practical tasks, were entrusted to them. The title of our 2015 ERASMUS+ project is “The relation of the electronics and information technology in the modern industrial practice”. Now, our main objective is that our students obtain foreign language and professional practice experiences in the project. Our objectives are connected to the ERASMUS+ program’s objectives. Our institute’s project fits into the Hungarian national strategy. The most important task of today is to broaden the dual vocational training, so that more students from vocational schools take part in practical training with student contract, or with agreement. Vocational training is set to the needs of the economy and it shows to the direction of the dual training. We would like to allocate our students and colleagues to international internship experiences, who would like to develop professionally and develop their foreign language knowledge. Our project is international, because it takes place in the European Union, but also national as well as the gained professional and language knowledge will be mostly used in our country. The internationalisation of the technical novelties not only comes true with the free flow of information, but also by the free movement of labour and production capacities. The long-term effects react to the students involved in vocational training. Mobility can be extended throughout Europe, namely the free migration of labour. The vocational training organizations at European level can be established long-term cooperation between enterprises and other relevant bodies. Encourage, motivate the students participating in vocational training to learn foreign languages. The main steps of the realisation in order: gathering information – school project management’s compilation – preparatory negotiations – correspondence – the reconciliation of the program and the work program – inform the students and parents – students’ presenting – the selection of the students – preparation of the students ( vocational, foreign language, cultural, mental) – going abroad – the execution of three–week internship program (Leipzig) – the execution of one-week teacher work program (Leipzig) – monitoring visit – the complementation of the project – the assessment of the project – the dissemination of the results. The main aim of our vocational school is to use the economic needs of the quality of vocational training, which is also a national economic interest. This project would be a reward for those students who have the appropriate professional and language knowledge base, and they have got good scholastic record and because of their motivation would like to know more professionally. Our other aim is to provide a benefit to our graduate students in the labour market by arming them with modern knowledge. The vocational successes which can be achieved with the application, good results may increase our educational institution’s authority, reputation and its popularity, which results in further qualitative improvement for our school and for the whole Hungarian training system, as well.

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