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Start date: Jul 11, 2011,

This youth exchange is a six days bilateral exchange between two groups of youngsters from the Netherlands and from Finland. Both groups contain eleven participants and the exchange will be hosted by the Dutch group. The youngsters of both groups are participating in all phases of the project.Our main theme is cultural diversity. We have several objectives during the programme. These objectives are being aware of cultural and European diversity and similarity, broaden their horizons, reducing xenophobia and empowerment of their own identity and competences.Our aim is to achieve these objectives by non formal learning processes. Cultural diversity is divided by us, group leaders and youngsters, into visible and invisible aspects of a culture. Visible aspects such as music, cooking, photography and sports. Invisible aspects of a culture such as norms and values, politics, social behaviour and policy on drugs and minorities.We use methods as discussions, presentations, dialogues, sport and game activities, cooking and cultural excursions. The programme contains discussions on drug policy and exclusion of minorities, presentation of social environment and countries and talking about social critical lyrics in popular music. Cooperating in sports, cooking and outdoor activities to get to know each others norms and values and social behaviour better.
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