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Start date: Feb 28, 2015, End date: Feb 27, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In a context of record levels of youth unemployment, with there being 14 million in Europe alone (Eurostat 2012), this proposal is about how non-formal learning and especially youth work can enhance the creative and innovative capacities of young people in ways that are relevant to employability. Non-formal education and learning has an important role to play in responding to youth unemployment. This is because it supports development by helping to transform young peoples’ potential, creativity, talents, initiative and social responsibility, through the acquisition of related knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. It is often community-based and outside of formal institutional contexts. Objectives - To create skills and knowledge in youth workers that enable them to develop young peoples employability skills - To capture the creativity and innovative capacity of young people by identifying competences and skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning and map to accredited awards i.e. Youthpass and others - To create a dialogue (bridge) between sectors and non formal learning deliverers, which explores the benefits of both formal and non-formal learning as complimentary forms of learning Number and profile of delegates Up to 200 participants across the three partners countries with extensive dissemination opportunities within the partnership The program seek to develop in partnership several outputs: - A set of action research reports (or case studies) that explore one or more of the above objective areas - A skills and competency matrix that identify and define those needed to support young people develop employability skills - A virtual learning tool that explores and creates innovative learning environments for facilitators and learners to share their experiences, in developing employability skills - A matrix of non-formal learning competences and skills that can be mapped to non formal learning awards e.g youthpass Alongside these intellectual outputs we also seek to deliver the following multiplier events: - Each country to host a stakeholder event that covers one day and identifies key stakeholders and potential speakers to attend the UK event - A 5 day residential event in the UK (Cumbria) for 90 delegates to come together with a variety of skills and knowledge to support the development and challenge of the above outputs methodology Each of the multiplier events above, will be delivered through experiential learning opportunities, creating a challenging learning, teaching and training environment. Description of results Impact - Increase employability of students and recognition of non-formal learning opportunities - Enhance the quality of educational outcomes through the provision of practical and innovative experience development - Provide the market with graduates of higher skills towards supporting young people in developing employability skills - Increased collaboration between higher educational institutes, syndicates, research centers, private sector, the public sector and NGO institutions - Direct CSR initiatives towards supporting educational and innovative research projects - Increased awareness of non formal learning in the wider stakeholder community Long ter m potential impacts: - Share experiences and good practices among the three participating countries - Build professional network (communities of interest) amongst engaged stakeholders to transfer knowledge - Promote the innovation culture and encourage research activities among young people in these countries (possible action) longer term benefits - Greater development of international links that support a joint approach to non formal learning and awards - Greater collaboration through the virtual learning environment
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