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Avrupadan Köyümüze Yolculuk - Journey To Our Village From Europe
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Aug 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have organized the project named ‘’Journey to our village from Europe- Erzincan by Kemaliye Youth Group ‘’ as coordinator country. Our project will be held in a multilateral youth exchange project in Erzincan / Turkey. We recognize that you do the necessary work to achieve the efficiency and purpose of our project group. In our project, Turkey (Coordinator) - Macedonia - Croatia - Lithuania and Romania are our five partners. All partners will participate in the 6 + 1 in the form of groups of 7. We will participate in a total of 10 participants is in Turkey. The total number of 38 participants of our project has.Content of our projectThe project has a pre-preparatory visit will take place. Preliminary visited 10 - 11 / 09 / 2016 between the dates will take place with the participation of the 1 person from each country. The main activities of the Project 01-08. October 2016 will be held on the date.Cultural fear is one of the major problems of the country, cultural learning, as well as cultural awareness and to gain a social individual entrepreneur that will include faculty training. All participants in our project will be selected from disadvantaged areas. Thus, young people maintain their active participation in social life more active participation is to provide them with such projects.The aim of our projectDisadvantaged young people participate more actively in social life thanks to our project. These young people in the village schools spend time with the young Europeans so they will have the opportunity to become familiar with different cultures. We also provide them to explore cultural differences, to support the development of communication between peoples, teach them to use time efficiently. They can develop the confidence and entrepreneurial characteristics, can be active with activities and can develop their friendships relations. Also we can help to support the development of the bond of friendship between countries and in this way their prejudices would have gone. Thanks to the project we will also encourage sports and sport activities. The most important topic is that we will teach how the European Union project is written and what national agencies are. We will support their awareness on issues such as European citizenship education and personal development. Activities of our project• We will visit the village and have a talk with the village youth in our project.• The group studies will have done about personal development of cultural activities and the studies will be presented in the form of group.• Our project will have the opportunity to work on how we engage young people with limited to social life.• The introduction of the National Agency and project writing will be in our project.• Our project will be subject to European Union citizenship.• We visit the official institutions.• We will visit the Youth Center.• Our project will be sporting activities for a healthy life.Long-term and short-term benefits of our project• Disadvantaged young people's active participation shall be provided in social life.• We will understand the importance of social consciousness.• This project will contribute the personal development of young people.• Thanks to the project, cultural prejudices will be broken down.• Young people will want to take advantage of opportunities in Europe again soon.• Finally, the relationship of brotherhood will strengthen.

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