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Avrupada Sağlık Politikalarının Öğrenilmesi ve Ülkemize Taşınması Projesi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project “Learning European Health Policies and Transferring them to Turkey ” has the content for improving the qualities of our students and providing opportunity for them to apply their knowledge and experience through our European partners that will facilitate student visits in 2-week-periods. The scope includes the trainings that will be received from Italy and Czech Republic on the following areas: Emergency Medical Technician- Information and Communication technologies, Clerkship for Medical Emergency Technician, Health Systems, Nursing, and Community Health. There were 3 mobilities regarding the visits: 1st Visit: 10 students under the control of 2 accompanying teachers from Sis Vocational and Technical High School will receive training on Emergency Medical Technician and Information and Communication Technologies in Italy at Ospedale San Raffaele hospital. 2nd Visit: 10 students under the control of 2 accompanying teachers from Sis Vocational and Technical High School will receive training on Clerkship for Medical Emergency Technician in Czech Republic at BOHEMIA OSA Centrum Odborneho Vzdelavani s.r.o. 3rd Visit: 10 students under the control of 2 accompanying teachers from Sis Vocational and Technical High School will receive training on Nursing and Community Health fields at UAB "Globalios idejos" institution. The major objective of this project is to provide information share on health sector through receiving training from European partners and bring this new knowledge and experience to Turkey. The participants will have the inclination to expertise within the scope of the project and multi-faceted gains in their fields. Undoubtedly, the project will create opportunities for self-improvement of the participants which will later create positive reflections for our country and the city as well. The specific subjects of the project are among the less developed subjects in Turkey and transfer from Europe on these subjects is required. The students from Sis Vocational and Technical High School will learn the following through trainings that will be received during first visit to Europe: Information and communication in health sector, data use, information storage, categorizing information, information match, creating effective and useful information pool, effective use of mobile and computer apps and following new and current knowledge. Students will gain all the mentioned knowledge and they will become more qualified in their fields as the mentioned field are often neglected in applications and only dealt with research at universities. We will attach great importance to the trainings as we will have to transfer the new knowledge to our country. During the second mobility our students will acquire the knowledge on software used by health sector and creating health systems infrastructure. They will also have the chance to make two-way comparisons between Turkey and Europe. Thus, there will be information on two sides and there will be possible transfers of knowledge to our country. Through the last visit, we intend to raise awareness on community health in Turkey by means of knowledge gained on European policies in Community Health. In addition to vocational trainings during the week days, our students will also have the chances to get acquainted with the European culture by attending some cultural activities at weekends. The methodology on vocational training includes visual presentations, statistical data, verbal explanations and implementation. The cultural activities, on the other hand, will be carried out by means of guided city tours and sightseeing. The project involves 2-week-training-period. At the end of this project, the students will make positive improvements both for their future careers and for their multicultural awareness of the world. These acquisitions will affect our school and city in the short term and our students, with their experience and implementations in Europe, will assist our country’s health sector to improve in the long run.
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