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Avrupada Evde Bakım Hemşireliği Uygulamalarının Öğrenilmesi ve Geriatri Hemşireliği Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Learned and Geriatric Nursing Practice of Home Care Nursing Practice in Europe" a total of 45 participants of our project is determinedfrom Erbaa Abdulhamid Khan Vocational and Technical High School, Döşemealtı Vocational and Technical High School with Turhal Captain Martyr Erdal school receiving basic training in the field of nursing Vocational and Technical High School students. At the end of our placement activities of our project participants developed a special application in the modern sense of the European home care services that require specialized skills and innovative approaches in the areas of home care services performed. Participating in social activities and the placement of a total of 42 participants from disadvantaged economically, we have increased their professional knowledge and skills in their respective fields and the properties of the Geriatric Patient Care nursing home, to understand the unique needs of the elderly, assessment, geriatric care and rehabilitation planning, application knowledge and have learned to do the maintenance activities carried out with skill. In addition, maintenance activity of appropriate behavior, develop their skills on the needs and wishes of those responsible for other family members, care of the elderly, especially in practice and observation of their practice by learning the universal methods in terms of integrating our own country, they participated as more experienced in the labor market increasing the professional qualifications of our participants located in the installation stage of our project, it has done better quality of care at home allows. Studentsattended 12/11 / 2015-28 / 11/2015, between located in Berlin, Germany Fides Education Gmbh, 12/11 / 2015-28 / 11/2015 between the dates in Italy Iscom Formazione Modena on site and 10/01 / 2016-25 / 01/2016 between HC Hospitales SLU in Spain ,the 16-day on-site training. This training has been completed in a thorough manner in accordance with the project plan. Our participants language courses taken in addition to the professional training they have developed their communication skills in a foreign language. Our participants have learnt about the culture of the country they go through cultural activities held on weekends they have developed their communication and empathy between cultures. Our Beneficiaries have also communicated with people of different cultures live together and developing their ability to work, have won the sense of EU citizenship. As a result, all of the goals and objectives of our project reference text, planned preparation, adhering to the placement and training plan has been reached. As a result, all of the project goals and objectives of our text application, planned preparation, adhering to the placement and training plan has been reached.

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