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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUSTAINABLE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROBATION IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES This Project has included sustainable vocational education probation students in consortium schools in Çorum Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School, Tokat Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School, Adapazarı Fatih Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School, Machine Technology, Installation Technology and Climatization and Metal Technologies fields. After accepted our Project, in our school we constituded Project Monitoring Group by school chair, Project coordinator and one chef from installation- machine and metal Technologies departmants and sections.In the same time other consortium schools constituded Project monioring groups. The project monitoring group has been contacted by social media, telephone, and if necesary by e-mail. The selection of participants educational, cultural, linguistic, and that all necessary preparations are provided simultaneously. Installation Technology and Air Conditioning, Metal Technology partners for our students in the areas that we are in contact previously interviewed for an internship training in Germany; INSPECCO, Justus von Liebig Berufsschule, ZAB Frankenthal institutions led to the implementation of our students have done internships settlement training program. Our partners operating in both countries, they covered the fees about students and teachers accomodations and transport fees and suported in everything. Our students trained sustainable vocational education probation. After that perform, we used expression, presentation and implementation methods. Our attendants performed an application during the production phase. In the consortium religions, we understood answering what sector need and rising employment generation and upgrade of vocational technical education. Different cultures recognized and learning basic level in Hungarian and German, Workshop and laboratory facilities seen on site and 40 students who will make daily summer intern is provided for 20 days. We created our project supervision and monitoring project conducted by the monitoring team, both countries have also gone administrator and enabled students to settle. Under the Responsibility and knowledge of our Project monitoring team, a weekly assessment made by the unit responsible for training teachers and companions and partners in the evaluation forms were processed. Development projects are transferred to the monitoring team. Developed with professional skills and competences enrichment of the European labor market contributed to the development and integration. Businesses in the EU institutions and vocational training institutions increased the ability to communicate and collaborate. They experienced different pedagogical activities and they done their accreditations. Participants also advanced students are living with different cultures and study skills. It has been important developments in vocational foreign language. Europass Mobility certification process began in EU countries apply the information is entered into the system continues to operate. Our project of the Erasmus + program in terms of results is consistent with the Europe 2020 strategy. Sustainable education and training continued 4 weeks and it substantiated with 35 CNC bench operator students in the Hungary’s capital city Budapest and welder education with 30 students in the Germany’s city Mannheim.

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