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Avrupa Stajı ile Çıraklık Eğitiminde Yeni Beceriler ve Yeni Olanaklar
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The offered project is composed of 60 Aprantice students and 20 vocational open high school students(4 Ligh Mental disabled students) with 14 companion teachers/guidance in both genders who have moved to Ankara from other provinces, counties and villages in Turkey in order to learn a trade and give financial support to their families and to be selected among the students who are receiving education in Weld Tecnologies,mechanical technologies, automotiv vehicle teknologies departments of Ostim Vocational Training Center In our country, most of the migrant families have enforced their children who have completed compulsory education to earn money in order to secure their sheltering in big cities because of rapid population increase, intensive migration from village to city, economical shortages, etc. As a matter of fact, those families which consider the children as a means to gain income effect the population planning reversely by having more children. Researches indicate that the children who are bringing up such an environment and who are forced to work in farms, streets and hard works without any records cause to comprise a lot of personal and social problems in the future. While only 50% part of population in 16-25 years age can facilitate education and only 43% of that group can receive occupational training is taken into consideration it is possible to mention that the great majority of children in 16-25 years of age are the children or teenagers who are devoid of primary education and/or occupational training. Avoidance such a negative situation and donating children a better life style can only be possible by making them a qualified workman. It is known that to specialize as qualified workmen needs training and especially apprentice and occupational training. Therefore, as a basic condition to avoid employment of children as workman without any kind of rights and social security; prevent their exploitation and secure them to bring up as socialized healthy individuals, execution of project related to provide children who are working in hard works as unregistered to be included into apprentice and occupational training and increase the attraction of occupational training. The researches in connection with the subject indicate that comparison the rate of employment of occupational and apprentice school age children between 16-25 years old to total employment rate is 13.4% in April 1991, 12.8% in October 1994 and 11% in October 1997 and this rates have tendency to decrease from year to year. Furthermore, inconsistency of training programs in schools giving occupational training to varying and developing technology, constant recession of quality and attraction of training depending on outdated supplies and equipment and accordingly decreasing the schooling rate of occupational school age children from year to year have been informed (İstanbul MEM-1998). Please find below the aim of our project offer that was arranged in accordance with above mentioned needs: Meeting the training need of those students who are receiving education in occupational training centers and who does not learn and practice the developing technology in the sectors related to their own area in EU level, conveying them to the top of technology in manufacturing and service sector, provide them to receive training and perform practice in order to facilitate participating EU labor force market as individuals having all qualifications that are needed by market and introducing them EU EU common culture and providing linguistic development via binary training system that has been established in Turkey for the first time. Resolve these needs in order to achieve the objectives of the project, the placement activities for 1. period (March 2016) 4 mobilities, 2. period(March 2017) 4 mobilities, (3 week) duration to Hungary, Sweden and Germany

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