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Avrupa Mutfaklarında etlere uygulanan Marinad ların (Terbiyeler) Yerinde incelenmesi ve uygulanması
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jul 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project covers 11th and 12 th students of Food and Beverage Services , kitchen, and service branch programs in Ordu Ünye Arif Nihat Asya Girls Technical and Vocational High School, Giresun Girls Technical and Vocational High School, Unye Hotel and Tourism Vocational High School, Tripolis Girls' Technical and Vocational High 11th and 12th of. In our country, the consumption of meat incomparably lower than in developed countries. Protein deficiency, along with development disorders will cause health problems. In Turkey . Not having protein-rich foods also cause, growth retardation problems. Up to three years, 90% of brain development is completed , so the energy and protein deficiency negatively affects mental development . Meat protein is a protein with a high biological value . The reason of the quality of the proteins in meat is that it contains all exogenous amino acids which are necessary for human nutrition. Absorption of these proteins in the body is % 97 to 98 .That is nearly all of it is used in the body. Meat in general supports the growth and development and contains good quality protein. Having a high nutritional value increases the role and importance in nutrition and it is widely used in the food preparation. Meat is the main food in the preparation of the list . For this reason, the methods used in cooking meat as well as in the preparation of meat and meat food items are extremely important . Objectives of Meat Marinade ( Finishing) It is made to give add meat fragrance and flavor . Marinade ( Finishing) in liquid aromatic scents and flavors ( Herbs , spices , etc.) gains the desired flavor to meat and imparts a pleasant smell .. Marinade ( finishing ) by the action of acidic substances contained in the liquid softens the texture of meat . It is made to ensure the extension of storage time . Meat is immersed in an acidic environment ( vinegar, wine ) and hidden in the fridge for a few days to rest until the moment of use . This practice isoften done to game meat and red meat. The Black Sea coast road has been completed that enhances the region's tourism potential.An airport will be constructed and put into practice in 2014 in Ordu-Giresun provinces. Being aware of the tourism potential of the region , national and international tourist hotels and hostels by investors is trying to meet the need . This will serve tourists from businesses , responding to the expectations of dishes to suit their tastes and sauces to prepare those elements of quality cuisine and service are needed . The personnels who have education on this area are the biggest necessity of our region. . Educational institutions are able to meet this need , and these are our schools . Nowadays , for reasons such as the busy work life and stress of individuals is continuously increasing the understanding of tourism. This changing and evolving understanding of tourism cause readucing of mass tourism demand while the tourism integrated with nature , environmentally sensitive ,having different cultures and life gain popularity. We wil carry out this project with our partners in 3 movements , in 3 European countries this project will take place ; between 13.10.2014-25.10.2014 in the Czech Republic , between 12.01.2015-24.01.2015 in Netherland and 18.05.2015-30.05.2015 in Austria

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