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Start date: Sep 9, 2016, End date: Sep 8, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is an institution which trains intermediate stuff for the market. As an educational public establishment, we don’t see our duty as training members of profession only.We aim the qualities of our employees to fit in the dynamics and meet the needs of the sector which they will employ.Our school broadly serves to the students who come from low socio-economical status.We consider that our duty is to develop our students’ skills with various aspects and to make them beneficial for the public, together with their personal development. Because of this reason, we need to offer activitieswhich increase the personal goods with the proper guidance and financial opportunity and facilitate the movement of their employment with the qualities requested.We aim to meet this need with the project carried out for a period of 1 year. Our project encompasses two weeks mobility of 15 students from the department electrical andelectronic technologies and 15 students from the department of furniture and interior design to the countries respectively Germany and Spain. We will examine the ‘network elements’ and ‘network systems’ for the department of electrical and electronic technologies and ‘machine planning’ for the department of furniture and interior design in the mobility. The subjects of the project, mobility programs, duration of the project, destinations are determined in the light of preliminary survey and to the best advantaged. The participants will be elected among the students which has the required background and the understanding of the project values in such a way that it will contribute to achieve our goals. Elected participants will be subjected to occupational, linguistic, pedagogical, legal, cultural and financial preparation activities and the risks which decrease the efficiency will be eliminated before the mobility. In order to disseminate the project results, activities which have sustainable affects will be organized. At the last stage of the project, whether the project meets the needs, create the expected impacts and saved progress will be assessed and evaluated broadly. All this process will be carried out by the stuff which has the most suitable qualities in terms of experience, ability and efficiency. The conclusion that we want to come to is contribute to improvements of educational services starting notably from our institution,to create a perception that with a true guidance and support young which are limited financially can reach success, and to emphasis theimportance of the cooperation between educational institutions and business. Between the dates of 22.01.2017-05.02.2017our participants from the department of electrical and electronic will widen their opportunities of recruitment in the sectorwhich the employment potential increase, improve their knowledge about network elements and network systems after the training in the institution, named WBS Training in Germany. Between the dates of 08.01.2017-22.01.2017, our participants will increase their knowledge and skills on-the-job training about machine planningthrough the institution,ONECO, in Spain.So they will able to answer the need of qualified personnel about the current techniques of producing furniture of the sector in the region and increase the chance of their employments. While we are choosing the subjects of the Project, the sectoral situationofthe fields that we provide training of and economical activities in our region have been taken into consideration. Today, many public and private institutions uses computer networks as they provide opportunities like communication facilities, equipment sharing, data or information sharing and software sharing.Because of this reason these institutionsneed personnel which know and use the network elements and systems, create network systems and enable to operate existed systems without a problem.On the other hand, according to MUSIAD’S 2013 report about the durable consumer goods and the sector of furniture, our city, Çanakkale, is one of most important eight cities that furniture production sector take place in. So, in our city, there is an increasing need for skilled labor in furniture production sector.Our participants will also make personal progress as they will improve their foreign language knowledge and knowing different cultures.This will make them more successful in their personal lives and also they will be more preferablein business life.It is an important gain for our city,Çanakkale, for our institution and for our participants that 30 students which cannot go abroad under normal conditions will participate to our project and get training in Europe and start work there and present their experiencesto the sector members and their colleagues with dissemination activities. In consequence of interactions, these gains will be perceivable in the national and international size in time.
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