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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In order to be able to provide sustainable economic and social development in our country, to take a place in global competition, to use the resources for education effectively and efficiently, the whole process in the educational system would be based on the quality. While thinking the need of Turkey’s on qualified labor force, the strategies and policies to develop the quality of the vocational education gain more importance. Todays students educated in our schools will be the key actor in the sectors in which they are employed by accelerating the economy of country. The contents and the facilities of our project have been planned appropriated to this strategy and policies. The vocational education in our country have been stuck because of the traditional methods, so our schools have become insufficient according to the capacity of equipment and substructure vis a vis developing technology. Current models have not been upgraded according to the expectations of the sectors, so the harmony between vocational education and sectors could not be caught. In addition to all these, the training prgrammes in order to gain the students ability could not provide the expected efficiencies because of both lack of qualified instructor and use of students in errand. Our project have been prepared in order to increase the quality in vocational education, to run forward our students in business world, to integrate the different methods used in the Europe with our vocational education. Our project, called ‘’Pioneer Steps in Europe Lights’’ will implement between the dates of 01.09.2016-01.09.2017, take place with the participation of 45 students with 6 companions. The subjects of our project have been determined by taking the consideration of the density of the industrial facilities in Marmara Region and the lack of employees in related sectors. By this aim;- 15 students educated in Electric and Electronical Technologies will participate the education of ''BASIC PRACTICAL photovoltaic cells‘’ in Germany at Easy Energiedienste Sonnenkraft-Freising GmbH between 21.01.2017-05.01.2017- 15 students educated in Plastic Technologies will participate the education of ‘’PLASTIC EXTRUSION OPERATOR’’ in Romania at Colegiul Tehnic Gheorghe Cartianu between 11.03.2017-27.03.2016- 15 students educated in Metal Technologies will participate the education of ‘'LETTERS MADE STAINLESS’’ in Spain at Institut Escola Del Treball between 07.05.2017-22.05.2017The profile of the attendance consist of the students in 11th and 12th classes having the appropriate substructure. Two-week period for the educations have been considered appropriate both for the efficient transfer and not for preventing the students from their educations in the country. The certificates will be given by our partner in abroad to our students attending the educations. With our project;- Our participant students will meet their vocations at Europe dimesion and by meeting the importance of their job they will absorb their job. The students whose vocational motivation would increase will probably be eager to develop themselves. The students who explore their potential will frame their future and review their future plans.- Our participant students will explore the advantages of knowing different language and the importance of the English courses that they behave unwillingly to learn and become passive. The English courses that they attend during the preparation process and being an abroad for two-week period will probably support their linguistic improvement. - Our students, who will gain awareness on European values, European culture and the consciousness of being a European, will get the ability of empathy by meeting different cultures and learn the feeling of respect both to environment and to own value.- Hatay Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School will add a new experience to its own facilities in line with the internationalization and maximum efficiency in vocational education. As part of our project with the extensification facilities, the awareness of vocational education will be provided, our institutional image will be renewed, our schools will become attractive to be chosen. Different equipment and methods in 3 different countries will be observed and our country will probably produce new ideas in order to provide the integration and applicability in vocational education. Our project will create a kind of synergy among the personnel in institutions and the works so as to be a partner in new projects will be accelerated, lastly our achievements will set an example for other schools in the region.

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