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Avrupa'da Sağlık Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Health sector, country population, cultural development and natural resources show a change parallel to political and economical system of a country. Increasing quality and concern in health services provide big improvements for health corporations. "Birth complications" is an important field of health sector in our country. Giving birth in healthy conditions with the help of a madical personnel and giving regular impressions of postpartum period reduce mother and perinatal baby deaths. Birth in healthy conditions and mother/baby care after birth are basic cautions to keep death risk at minimum. Because of this reason, education of medical personnel is crucial. This education is very important respecting blood diseases of children as well. Anemia - an important problem of present- is a disease which is caused by reducing number of erythrocyte or reducing amount of hemoglobin in erythrocyte or both at the same time. Anemia is accepted as an important health problem since it has a deep negative impact of mental and physical development of children. % 12 of children under the age of 5 years are anaemic in developed countries while it has a level of % 51 in developing countries. It is known that anemia is not only a disease but also a sign of another important health problems. Anemia is a frequently faced complication that increases dysfunction of several organs. It is important to give education to our students in more developed countries than ours. Emergency services of hospitals are another important place to educate our students. Official and private health corporations which give health services 7/24 need qualified medical personnel. Because of this reason we want our students to be educated in needed fields mentioned above. After we decided to write our project, chairman of our corporation specified 5 teachers (1 English teacher, 3 branche teacher who is to classify education programs, 1 manager) to provide project organization. This execution team is responsible to control every step of the project such as; writing, specifying participants and companions, communicating with foreign partners, passport and vise processes and writing final report. Our teachers will determine 15 students and 2 companions for each flow and meet parents in private to make student's job easier about taking permission from their parents. It is determined that two teachers will be companions since students are not at legal age and parents do not want to send thir children by themselves. There will be several activities in order to prepare students in terms of verbal and cultural knowledge. As from the acceptance of our project, our students will be given English education for two months, moreover, several presentations about cultural issues will be shown to teach them about destination countries. Our foreign partner schools will give certificates to our students about the field that they will be educated and this certificate will have international validity. Our students will be able to use those certificates during a job application process. They will find opportunity to work on bigger fields. During the flows, our two companion teachers and foreign partner teachers will observe our students, prepare and present reports to our execution team. Our students will share their experiences to other student, schools and parents after they turn back from the flows. This sharing platform will be prepared by our execution team. Activities of our students will be gathered and documented on this platform. These reports will be presented to National News Agency. 15 students will participate in first flow which is about Birth Complications in Centrul Formatempt school in Romania between 13.03.2016 - 27.03.2016. 15 students will participate in second flow which is about Blood Diseases of Children in Stredni Zdravotnicka Skola in Czech Republic between 03.04.2016 - 17.04.2016. 15 students will participate in our third and last flow which is about Emergency Services of Hospitals in Zespol Policealnych Szkol Medyczno-Spolecznych in Poland between 24.04.2016 - 08.05.2016.
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