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Avrupa'da Nitelikli Eleman Yetiştirme
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A project managing committee was formed after the project idea was came out. This committee effectively participated during the process of conducting, organizing and finalizing of the project and enhanced the quality of our project. Firstly, departments were determined, then students’ deficiency about certain subjects were determined with the help of our teachers. Within this framework, 3 flows took place in our project; our first mobility took place in Czech Republic, second and third flow took place in England. Students from Information Technologies Department were chosen for our first flow and our students received training about Arithmetic Circuits. The definition of “Information Technologies” is that processing, transforming, storing, preserving and transmitting information by means of computers and software and accessing that information safely. With this training, our students came a long way about making devices such as traffic signalization systems, mobile phones, watches, calculators, cameras, smart devices and particularly computers designed with digital electronic circuits. Our first flow took place between the dates of 12.03.2016-27.03.2016. 10 students from Information Technologies Department accompanied by one teacher received training on “Arithmetic Circuits” in the school of Stredni prumyslova skola in Czech Republic. In our second flow, students were chosen from Marketing and Retailing Department and they received training on “Food Safety”. Living a long and healthy life is one of the most important issues in our time. Within this framework, ISO 22000 is a system which ensures producing and selling safe food until it is delivered from producers to consumers. With this project, our students comprehended the scope of ISO 22000 and how to apply this standard to food sector and they understood the importance of ISO 22000. Our second flow took place between the dates of 23.04.2016-08.05.2016. Our 10 students from Marketing and Retailing Department accompanied by one teacher received training on “Food Safety” in the school of Foyle International in England. In our third flow, students were chosen from Accounting and Finance Department and they received training on Financial Institutions. Because of the complexity of the market, transactions and conducting business between parties are difficult in a market where a saver and investor meet. In order to overcome this difficulty, there are institutions called “Financial Institutions” conducting timely and reliable transactions on behalf of parties. Types of these institutions and work distribution are crucial. In order for our students to understand this importance, it was provided for that they receive training on this subject. With received training, our students obtained information, skills and qualifications to raise institutions they work for to the best level on an international platform. Our third flow took place between the dates of 07.05.2016-22.05.2016. Our 10 students from Accounting and Finance Department and one companion teacher were hosted in the school of Foyle International in England and received training on “Financial Institutions”. Project managing committee treated fairly when it comes to choosing our participants and determined a number of criteria. Accordingly, participants are students whose grade point average and English grades are on a certain level and who did not receive disciplinary punishment. Following the selection of students, committee conducted meetings with foreign schools. Our committee requested invitation letters on behalf of our students and applied for visas with these invitation letters. Our students became qualified personnel with the training they received in Europe within the scope of our project. They improved socially, culturally and professionally with our project. They expanded their vision by knowing different cultures and improved themselves on several issues such as respect and tolerance. In addition, they understood the importance of speaking a foreign language with languages courses and classes they took abroad and this enhanced their desire to learn a language. Our institution proved itself to be a pioneer school among other schools in our region. Within the scope of dissemination of our project, a committee and 6 students chosen from participants made presentations in other schools located in the region and project details were shared actively on social media.
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