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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Economical and social factors like changing life styles of societies, familia structures, women’s more effective attendence into the work force, migration from rurals to modern cities, and inequalities of income distribution uncover new health problems except for designated health needs.New health needs in the community, the service would be granted in response to the field of health services in carrying out the exchanges.This changes directly effect public health nurses who have an important place in the team of health ,too.Together with health care needs, nurses working with the community must fulfill the education, counselling,advocacy,leadership and research functions more effectively and comprehensively. Nurses who work as a trainer and a mentor in the work of health promotion that includes eating healthly, exercise, making balanced and stress-free daily life, and avoiding habit-forming substances, guide with this way in order to improve health awareness of individuals.As a result of the awareness in people, it is also an unavoidable fact that it will rise requesting healthier behaviors and healthier life conditions.The future line of the public health nursing which is existing since the beginning of this century, will identify the demographic changes in the World , social and political trends. It is the area of nursing which is evaluating the health requirements, making plans for nursing care,implementing, helping in order to meet the needs of individuals and families,evaluating the results,protecting from diseases , providing nursing care, and helping people to succeeed their health problems within their means of facilities.We as members of the three health high school Consortium decided to make such a mobility Project with the aim of training our students better in the field of public health nursing which is changing in the World. Our project’s aims are related one to one with Erasmus+ and the Declaration of Brugge’s targets. These aims are also related to; • To improve our students’ skills and employment in the field of public health nursing. • To modernise education, training and youth Works. • To focus on students in the field of pulic health nursing. • To improve the quality, efficiency and charm of vocational training and education especially the beginning nursing. • To strength connection between labor market and vocational education in the field of public health nursing. • To develop the international mobility in the vocational education and training. • To enhance innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship issues,too. Our Project Consortium will select 14 students and a companion teacher for each Vocational and Technical High School’s eleventh and twelveth grade students in the field of nursing.In may and June 2016 , they are going to do an internship for a period of two weeks in the health institutions of Germany, Belgium and Hungary. As our Project is a practical training Project, we will use the method of showing. So, the trainers in the host institutions will show what must be done during the internship and want students to do themselves. The results we want to achieve when we finish our Project as planned are, • To acquisite practice skills and develop specific knowledge skills and experiences at the level of European Union for the public health nursing. • To gain working experiences with members of the profession in the host country. • To live in a different race, language and culture. To develop proffesional language, social and communication skills with cultural interraction. • To observe working conditions, working environment and differences in application in the European Union Countries and to gain experience in this field. • To developğ protective approach by understanding the risk of public health nursing. • To contribute improving the quality of services offered in public health nursing. • To gain information about the duties roles specific to the profession. The results we expect in the long run with our Project in general health care and public health are; • Within the framework of a sustainable employment-oriented growth with our Project, cultivating qualified human resources in the field of public health, the development of employment opportunities, reduction of unemployment and activating the health of the labor market is expected.
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