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aving the way for self-sufficient regional energy supply based on sustainable energy concepts and renewable energy sources (MANERGY)
Start date: Apr 30, 2011, End date: Apr 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Kyoto protocol, the EU 20-20-20 strategy and several further commitments force the states of Central Europe to rationalize their energy consumption and reduce the fossil energy sources in their energy mix in favour of renewables. MANERGY assists the Central Europe area in achieving these goals by setting its general objective: supporting the responsible use of the environmental potentials of Central Europe by promoting sustainable approaches to environment friendly energy source management, including an increase in renewable energy use and significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As urban areas represent more than two thirds of the energy consumption of the EU, the role of local authorities in energy saving is significant. This tendency is fostered by the central governments in all countries, urging the public authorities to cut their expenses by rationalizing their overhead costs. MANERGY partners will aid local authorities to answer this challenge and pave the way for the self-sufficient regional energy supply.Based on the similarities in the energy supply of the partners, transnational cooperation offers the opportunity for direct exchange on the needs and future aspirations related to these topics. In the Central Europe area currently there is no such official transnational level forum which would deal with these issues. The regions and local authorities are mostly the ones who implement the different approaches of energy use, on the other hand they in themselves separately are not strong stakeholders to have their voice heard in order to shape the system. By its transnational approach the project will transfer its results to other Central Europe cities and also support the forming EUs energy policy. Besides, transnational cooperation will give that chance for local authorities - which would not have otherwise the possibility to access to a wide range of know-how - to improve their energy management by benefiting from best practices of other Central Europe countries. Achievements: The EU 2020 strategy and several further commitments force the states of Central Europe to rationalize their energy consumption and reduce fossil energy sources in their energy mix. As urban areas represent more than 2/3 of the energy consumption of the EU, the role of local authorities in energy saving is significant. MANERGY partners aid municipalities to answer this challenge by supporting them in the preparation of energy concepts. In the first stage, the partners from Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Italy and Austria have analyzed the energy consumption of local municipalities by a common methodology, mapped their renewable energy potentials, and illustrated them on maps. To match the demand and supply, partners compiled regional energy concepts, which were broken down to local level. The local concepts can be used for energy project applications, and assist in developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans for municipalities who intend to join the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). To share experiences, the 6 regions compared their energy management in study, and summed up their findings in the handbook of setting up energy concepts, which gives guidelines for local municipalities. Moreover, with the assistance of MANERGY, 21 municipalities joined the CoM. The transnational cooperation also gives the chance for settlements to benefit from best practices of the CE area: Partners visited Hungary to study the exploitation of geothermal energy and biomass; they studied local biomass based district heating systems of Austria. The 3rd study trip focused on the processes how biogas can feed district heating systems in Poland. In Germany, energy self-sufficient village of Feldheim was introduced, while in Italy the partners could examine the RES based energy supply and building automation system of the Province. In Slovenia the nuclear plant and renewable energy centre of Krsko was visited. To ensure the organizational background of energy management, we analyzed therequirements of setting up energy agencies and summarized the conclusions in a study. As the suggestions of the stakeholders are vital for us, we organized three transnational conferences (24.5.2011, Pécs; 15.10.2012, Dresden; 7.10.2013, Brussels) and 6 working group meetings per year to collect their needs. We also pay attention to contact similar initiatives: MANERGY was presented for Regions for Sustainable Change (I4C), GeoPower (I4C), Coach BioEnergy (CE), VIS NOVA (CE), GOVERNEE (CE), 4BIOMASS (CE), Enerscapes (MED), Towards 100% RES (IEE), RE-SEEties (SEE) and NegaJoule projects, and to the Priority Area Coordinator of the Danube Strategy. Moreover, MANERGY joined the Thematic Pole of Low Carbon Communities, set up by the South-East Europe programme. As your opinion is also important for us, we encourage you to visit our website (, read our newsletters and brochure, and get in contact with us. Your suggestions are highly appreciated!
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